Sometimes it may seem that we overestimate Armstrongists, and perhaps that’s true. We’ve debunked British Israelism, shredded Armstrongist beliefs using the Bible itself, explored the evidence, facts and science to demonstrate how stupid and foolish Armstrongism is, while attempting to take the high road of high concept to reasonable conclusions, assuming that people would be reasonable and do research for themselves.

We’ve taken the approach that basically people are seeking the truth and want to know what the facts are. Truth seeking was supposed to be inherent from the statements of Herbert Armstrong given to insist that we “prove all things”.

The thing is that we’ve found this doesn’t work. When confronted with facts, science, evidence and truth, Armstrongists, particularly the leaders, dig in their heels and not only refuse to change, to accept what is true, but they instantly become aggressive apologists attacking the messengers.

What we’ve concluded is that these idiots aren’t as advanced and sophisticated as we may have hoped. Here’s an example from a comment at Banned!:

For those who missed my reply to myth-maker Black Ops Mikey on the Exidus,catch it in the thread dealing with LCG headquarters below Ian Boyne

You see our problem.

We’re going to try a new approach, briefly. We’re going to go with the Least Common Denominator, designed for the low I.Q., uneducated, stupid religious bigot idiots to the right of Genghis Khan, wallowing in the self-righteousness of whatever cesspool they came from, pretending that they are some sort of ‘authority’. In the United States, 23% of the adult population is effectively illiterate and somewhere around 15% to 20% of the adult population has dyslexia. Mississippi adult population has the lowest average I.Q. of any of the states within the United States. It is for these minus I.Q. pill takers that we address this following video, full of colorful metaphors which even the lowest of the LCDs should be able to comprehend:

Hopefully, it’s not too complicated for them.