False Foundation


From my years of building bunkhouses, cookhouses, and outhouses, I say a building is no better than its foundation. If the lay of the foundation isn’t good, the building won’t be good.

And I could ramble on for hours about it, and how it applies to organizations, but I remember there’s a hymn we sing at church that makes that point. Now I don’t sing as good as pa, but here goes:

“The Church Has One Foundation”

Original lyrics by Samuel John Stone, music by Samuel Sebastian Wesley

The splinters’ false foundation

Is Herbert Dubya’s word,

With all his pilfered doctrines,

From painful to absurd!

He said that God revealed them,

And showed him from on high,

But if you search this website,

You’ll see that’s just a lie!

Back to one false foundation

It will never ever be

They’ll never be united:

COG leaders can’t agree.

With natural attrition

As members all grow old

There will be no fruition

And one by one they’ll fold!