Loma Armstrong Rebels

Seeing how we all survived the apocalypse of December 21, 2012, I believe that some fun is in order for the Season
New Series! “Husbands, Take Control of YOUR Household!”…


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Loma Dillon Armstrong, Apostless

This website is 100% Herbert Free!

Greetings Friends!

The GATES OF HELL will not prevail against God’s TRUE CHURCH!!! This is Loma Dillon Armstrong, who has been forced by an overbearing, egotistical tyrant, to continue the TRUE GOSPEL on HER OWN!!! Herbert has attacked me in a manner worse than the State of California ever did him. His mind is gone, UNABLE to bring the gospel to a WORLD HELD CAPTIVE!! He himself is a prisoner of his own unchecked EGO!

Simply put, God has had to “change” horses in midstream, only there is not really a change! After all, I had the VISION that got Herbert on the RIGHT TRACK in the first place. Do you think the old fool could really come up with all this on his own?? And WHO TAUGHT HIM TO USE ALL THOSE CAPITALS??? ME, THAT’S WHO!! Herb can’t really write a booklet on his own, he had to copy Has Time Been Lost? from somebody else!! I had to step in and write the others before he made a total ass of himself!!!

God has revealed NEW TRUTH to his church. Gone is all the male-oriented Herbert W. Armstrong macho king-of-the-household crapola you women had to endure for so many years. Those geeky husbands who went to Spokesman’s Club and came back little Hitlers are in for A RUDE AWAKENING!!

You are now looking at the website of the first woman apostle (an apostless) EVER!!! Things will be different in the Resurrected Graveyard Church of God (RGYCG). God is now working from a woman’s perspective!!! For the first time, Loma is going to have some fun!

Watch this site as it develops into the website Herbert only dreams of having!! I only ask that you PRAY and FAST, asking God to show you who he is working with today, then immediately send TITHES and OFFERINGS to The Resurrected Graveyard Church of Godso the WORK can go FORWARD in this END TIME!!

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P.S. A new DOOR has opened!!! The GYCG accepts VISA and MasterCard, but the RGYCG has exclusively added AMERICAN EXPRESS!!!