HWA: 29 years and still dead


On this occasion, I would like to quote from my book, 2015 and the demise of the scattered splinters:

“… January 16 … COGWriter will likely honor HWA’s death with an article, which will probably feature a photo of HWA sporting his Order of the Sacred Treasure, Second Class. … and I repeat my warning, using that photo is not a good idea… pathetic ramifications… maligning with my statement… July 31 … COGWriter will likely write an article intimating we in the CCOG don’t celebrate birthdays but HWA is an exception … accompanied by the photo …”

Well, you get the picture. Yes, I did once try to help Bob by mentioning a few tweaks he could make to his website. Not using that photo of HWA was one of them.

Of all the stock photos of HWA, I have no idea what thoughts seeing the Sacred Treasure would bring to the mind of the avid reader. It should be the same reaction if Ford Motor Company honored its founder with a photo of Henry with his Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle, which he was awarded in 1938. After all, Emperor Hirohito was considered a war criminal, protected from prosecution by General MacArthur for political expediency.* There is still animosity toward Japan by Asian countries that suffered from their wartime invasion and occupation. The photo would certainly not be received positively.

Further, the Order of the Sacred Treasure carries pagan symbolism. The Sacred Treasure – Sacred to what? The Shinto religion.

The insignia of the order incorporates symbols for the three imperial treasures: the Yata Mirror, so sacred that not even the Emperor is allowed to look at it; the Yasakani Jewel, which is made of the finest jade; and the Emperor’s personal Sword.

Wikipedia, Order of the Sacred Treasure

So you can stamp the Sacred Treasure as pagan, along with Christmas trees and Easter eggs. Don’t we get enough reminding each year that Christmas is pagan?

As I mentioned, there are lots of stock photos of HWA. How about the one with HWA showing his beloved Star of David cufflinks? Oh, yes, Bob wrote that the Star of David had pagan origins…

* Trivia: A protégé of MacArthur, General Bonner Fellers, portrayed in the film Emperor (2012), also received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Second Class, and, like HWA, had a Quaker background.