Screwie Louie takes on Thiel, Meredith, Flurry and the other prophets of Baal.


Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan has asked for a showdown with all the lovers of Jesus. One of his controversial claims is that white people have a history of causing trouble and of being difficult to live with.

“According to the history of the white race, they are guilty of making trouble, causing war among the people and themselves ever since they have been on our planet earth.”

It seems he is talking about the ACOG’s. So get busy boys and start building the altars. Pile on a cords of wood, douche it with buckets of water, then we will see who really knows Jesus! -1 Kings Chapter 18


And people who follow him believe this shit…

Nation of Islam: Farrakhan is a black religious and social leader. He has been both praised and widely criticized for his often controversial political views and outspoken rhetorical style and has been criticized for remarks that have been perceived as antisemitic, anti-white and prejudiced against gays.