Recovering from a bad date.

Back in Spokesman’s Club, the Minister could spot every little flaw. What puzzled and annoyed most of us was that he let a select few get away with it.

A few weeks ago, following in the footsteps of HWA, Apostle Pack and his Council of Agreers (thanks to whoever thought of that one!) unanimously picked a momentous date that passed uneventfully. Now his apology appears, and he draws upon HWA’s explanation of why January 7 1972 didn’t result they way some people mistakenly assumed it would. Trying to be a dead ringer for his mentor, he also copies his blunders and excuses.

And of course Dr Bob jumps in with his expected Told you so! Ron Weinland is another COGlet leader who Bob would roast over incorrectly timed events. And there are others. No one can pull a prediction past the watchful eye of the Prophet of Arroyo Grande.

Except HWA. He is offered every excuse an apologist could imagine.

The way HWA got away with false prophecies is like the Spokesman’s Club member who the Minister didn’t humiliate for messing up big-time.

Perhaps by Bob’s rules, All false prophets are equal, but some are more equal than others can get away with it.