March 26th, 1984 UK Co-Worker Letter.


empty-suitLess than 2 years before his death, Herbert Armstrong wrote a letter telling his UK lemmings that the “work” is on the upsurge. Citing Matthew 24, Herbie declares that the gospel has gone out to the whole world. Further hyperbole on his part, Herbie begs for even more money saying “that tithes and offering labourers was never greater”.

One thing the old sob never lost was a sense of urgency in all his scam letters. The end is near, God will bless you, extra large offerings are needed. What he really is telling you is that God takes bribes. You see, you and I were never good enough. It takes more “works” to gain access to the throne. That “work” is MONEY and lots of it!

Those who follow in the Herbsters religious scam can never hold a candle to his degree of expertise in the matter of con games. He was most excellent at collecting the blue ribbon tithe payers gold and silver. Those who try to emulate the man or duplicate the scam will never succeed. Herbie was one one of a kind. The rest are empty suits.