1918 Flu Pandemic

“This is only the beginning,” said the chief of police, according to the Oakland Tribune. “We are going to enforce this mask ordinance if we have to pack the city jail with people. This epidemic is too serious to be taken as a joke, and men arrested … will find that it’s no laughing matter when they face the police judges.”
~1918 Spanish flu epidemic.

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Alan Jones: The Covid19 Virus, Tyranny, and the Destruction of the World Economy

There is a cycle to the rise and fall of civilizations. The rise when it is beneficial for everyone to come together. You no longer have to bake bread because a baker is there which frees you to do things that you are good at.

Civilizations collapse when they:

(1) turn against their people, and

(2) allow one class to oppress another. This is why Marxism is so dangerous. The more we move toward a socialist state means the state must suppress those that produce. Civilization no longer provides equal protection and thus it has lost its benefit for all.

Alan Jones on the Covid19 tyranny.

Dividing the people

What has been unleashed with masks wearing, and social distancing, will leave a ugly stain on the brains of numerous people, who will always look at others as a danger to their own life.

History: The use of masks during the Spanish flu pandemic, 1918

The influenza pandemic of 1918 and 1919 was the most deadly flu outbreak in history, killing up to 50 million people worldwide.

In the United States, (population in the US at the time was 103.21 million) the virus is said to have killed around 675,000 people, which in reality, is unknown as recording keeping, like today, was a impossible task in reflecting any degree of accuracy.

Local governments rolled out initiatives to try to stop its spread. These varied by region, and included closing schools and places of public amusement, enforcing “no-spitting” ordinances, encouraging people to use handkerchiefs or disposable tissues and requiring people to wear masks in public.

The following is a pictorial of those historical events 102 years ago….

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