Cult Ideology PT II

Do people do evil if their environment dictates to them to do so, and if so, for what reason?

Conformity to group ethics can cause some to change their behavior into something other than who they really are. In this experiment, it is shown how humans can inflict severe levels of pain to a complete stranger. Even if they know it can cause permanent harm or death.

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Pay attention to the answers given by these “people” who thought they were inflicting harmful or deadly electric shocks to a stranger. At point 1:38 we have someone who has personal ethics outside the “group think” as to obedience to perceived authority.

This projection towards personal violence is in all of us. The question is, in a mind control cult, where does the leader of the group draw the line? And more forth, at what point does personal responsibility begin?

After World War II, the German public was forced to view the onslaught of destruction that their leaders wreaked upon the innocent. The public was compelled to view the corpses of the Jews, Russians and other enemy combatants. What was the justification of the German people in allowing this holocaust to take place? Just where were these people when it came to combating this force of evil that ruled over them?

For an example of what I speak of, try this:

In conclusion, people will not only allow evil to exist, they will support it.
In the Armstrong empire we were taught that the world was evil. In reality, we were the world. People do evil in or out of religion. Our indifferent behavior and holier than thou attitudes came from the pulpit just like genocide came forth from the Nazis.

We are no different if we are unaware of the lessons of the past!