Wrecked Family. Part II

May 21, 2011
– Elderly Mother Missing After Former World Wide Church of God Member Brother Uproots Her From Nursing Home and Philadelphia Church of God Sister Influences Her.

Yet another serious blow to my family — My former WWCOG member & brother, who wrecked our family by joining WWCOG in the earlier 70s, (He claims to have left the cult several years ago), took advantage of growing tensions between me and my 85-year-old mother over my PCOG sister, and I believe uprooted my mother from a nursing home in PA near us, and transplanted her to TX, where he lives. I also suspect my PCOG sister, referenced in the tragic story posted on this website regarding how she ruined my niece’s future, influenced and encouraged my mother to leave us. If so, he has done this without my knowledge. I found out my mother was missing from a former neighbor who tried to get in contact with my mother. Her phone line in the nursing home has been disconnected.

Instead of supporting me in stopping my PCOG sister from hoodwinking my mother for all these years, my former WWCOG member brother made every effort to exploit a crack opening between me and my mother, he being well-versed in deceiving, as a former HWA devotee, and a family-wrecker (His son has two illegitimate daughters, one of which has a Muslim first name). He learned HWA’s techniques well. It wasn’t enough that he took advantage of the rift, and moved my mother to TX. Before leaving, he and/or my mother somehow made my wife and I out to be the bad daughter-in-law and son for trying to help my niece (who wanted to split from PCOG) and for refusing to be pacifists regarding PCOG, WWCOG and HWA. Several neighbors, co-workers, all relatives, and former friends snub us. The relatives who no longer speak to us include my homosexual cousin whose former partner ran for some city government position and was caught soliciting an undercover vice squad officer. Made the newspapers of course. The other relative had an abortion. They are passing judgment on us. Typical.

Before my mother went missing, over the last few months, I had cut down on the number of calls, visits, and emails to her because she would never address the issues I raised regarding my sister taking advantage of herself and the alleged abuse of my niece via PCOG and her PCOG parents. Indirectly, my mother supported PCOG by sending my PCOG sister money for birthdays and letting her use her credit card when she visited. My mother refused to pressure my sister to compensate my wife the $2000 she spent on protecting our niece after her parents abandoned her to the streets for refusing to participate in PCOG. When we took my niece to visit my mother at the nursing home to tell her what had happened to her while in PCOG, my mother just sat there, stony-faced, and insisted she (my niece) belonged back with her PCOG parents despite all troubles they and PCOG had caused her.

My mother yelled at me the last time I saw her, upset as she was, that we had given my niece shelter over the summer when she had no where else to go. My mother ended by saying that it was wrong of me to have blocked her (my mother) from going to TX a year ago (which wasn’t true), and that as soon as she got better (she had a colostomy) she was going to TX. This, I took, as a veiled threat for me to keep quiet about PCOG, WWCOG, and how their vile influence was destroying us as a family.

Backtracking a bit, it was a little over a year ago when my cousin and her husband left us a nasty voice message containing outright slander and defamation of character statements alluding to us mistreating my mother (It is my understand their son is in a cult, the Seventh Day Adventists?). I played the tape for my former WWCOG brother. He never called this relative to straighten out the slander. His WWCOG wife wouldn’t even listen to the tape. I played the tape for my mother. She called my cousin to tell her she had gotten it awrong, but my mother remained in contact with this relative. Someone influenced my cousin to leave such a nasty message, thus I backed off from visiting my mother, while I tried to figure out who was defaming us. Around this time, my mother started thinking about moving to TX, either on her own, or I suspected with my former WWCOG brother and PCOG sister’s prodding. At the very least, they certainly didn’t’ discourage her. A few months later, I spoke with my former WWCOG brother asking him if everything was OK with my mother. He said “yes.” Less than a week later, he calls to announce his son had another illegitimate child (my wife and I don’t have children, so I believe this was a dig), and that our mother was moving to TX, and “whether I had any questions.” I was upset because I feared for my mother’s safety, her having anything to do with my deceiver and former WWCOG member brother who split apart the family. My wife spoke with my mother, and said I was upset. My mother changed her plans, and stayed. I got back in contact with my mother, overlooking this incident, and my wife visited her almost everyday at the nursing home. I called and visited her too, as before. My wife helped her with figuring out how to manage her colostomy bag. My mother gave the nurses credit for this, not my wife.

It all really fell apart when my niece came last summer, fleeing from PCOG and er PCOG parents. That’s when the family imploded. My mother yelled at me for no justifiable reason. I backed off visiting her, as my visits were obviously upsetting her, and she continued to support my PCOG sister. My wife, being unable to understand why my mother defends a dangerous cult, and is hostile toward us, when it was us who have helped her, not taking advantage of her. My wife and I don’t understand why, after my niece told her what had happened to her via PCOG, my mother insists on burying her head in the sand. My mother places her age and health condition front and center as a reason to avoid confronting my sister and former WWCOG brother and their membership in a dangerous cult, choosing instead to tell relatives, and whoever, that it is my wife and I who are wrong.

I ask to be removed as “executor” of my mother’s will. I said I wanted no part of being involved as her agent in transferring any money to PCOG through any money my sister might inherit. Cult experts advise never give money to any family member who is in a cult such as PCOG or WWCOG. My mother disregards this advice to the detriment of her grand-children’s future and to the integrity of our family.

I told my brother the correct way to handle the executor was to have a third party be executor of the will, not a family member. My brother refused to support me on this idea, and now is the executor of her will. My former WWCOG brother recently said he’d met a lot of “nice people” in WWCOG. We can only imagine his motivations of refusing to back the idea of assigning a third party, non-family member her estate executor.

My former WWCOG brother has smeared my efforts to support my mother and father all my life, when it was he and my sister who destroyed the family after he joined WWCOG. He never devoted his life in protecting his parents as I had, and therefore doesn’t believe I would. People accuse others of the crimes they themselves are guilty of. He took advantage of my mother’s growing confusion. Instead of clarifying reality, he and his WWCOG wife remain silent all throughout my struggles with my mother and PCOG sister duping my mother (She uses various health scares to gain my mother’s empathy).

My former WWCOG brother and PCOG sister make subtle, derogatory remarks about my deceased father, who objected to their membership in the WWCOG cult. My sister even posted derogatory poems on the internet about both her father (after he died) and mother. My father was a good man of character, wanting only the best for his children, and this is the way he was treated in life and after death?

My brother, after having never visited the family for but about 5 days a year since he joined WWCOG in the early 70s, (he called his parents less than a dozen times a year), exhibited greed when it came to emptying the contents of their house, in typical Armstrong fashion. He asked for half a train collection, ridiculing me for wanting to hold onto the collection, since it was me, not him, who as a youth, spent a lot of time with these trains building layouts, instead of holing myself up in my room listening to the likes of Gardner Ted Armstrong (Teddy the Fornicator), and incest committing Herbert Armstrong. He never once touched the train collection. It was with great effort that I had to convince my mother that giving him half the train collection was a mistake. She also wanted to give him half a book collection of classic books he’d never read, instead choosing to poke his nose in incest committing Herbert Armstrong’s “The Plain Truth,” “Mystery of the Ages,” and “End Times.”

When my mother had a colon resection about nine months ago, I rushed to the emergency room. I was just about to round the curtained-off area where she was when I heard her tell the emergency room people that she has family living nearby, but they (meaning my wife and I) don’t contact her. This is after my wife spent most of her lunch hours visiting my mother in the nursing home, helping her. My mother would rather throw us under the bus than have her former WWCOG son and PCOG member daughter exposed for destroying our family, among other transgressions.

So you can see by the example of our family’s history that the suffering, thanks to WWCOG and incest committing HWA, continues to escalate. These creeps and dangerous cults continue to destroy every shred that is left of our once hopeful and promising family.

Today, I’m not even sure where my mother is. My wife is very sick. She has to go to work every day in a lot of pain from a nerve problem that has caused frozen shoulder syndrome. I am told by a PCOG cult expert to be very careful, as some of its members could be “killers, ” as one “former member” has contacted us, claiming to offer help, but is elusive about who he is, and asked for our phone number twice. My wife and I live in fear of our lives while my relatives, former friends and some neighbors embark on a campaign of defamation of character, thanks to the misinformation or incomplete information my WWCOG brother, PCOG sister are probably spreading to throw smoke and mirrors over what they’ve done to destroy us. We want to know where my elderly mother is and whether she’s being abused, financially or otherwise. We want to know where my niece is and whether we can still help her pursue her dream of going to medical school.

Politicians, Priests and Pornographers Part II

Exploring The Common Denominator


Just what do you think of when you hear the word “Priest?”

Wiki offers the following description: Priests and priestesses have been known since the earliest of times and in the simplest societies. They exist in all or some branches of Judaism, Christianity, Shintoism, Hinduism, and many other religions, as well, and are generally regarded as having good contact with the deity or deities of the religion to which they subscribe, often interpreting the meaning of events, performing the rituals of the religion, and to whom other believers often will turn for advice on spiritual matters.

We will skip the urban dictionary this time around and focus on the profession.

In the Christian religion, the priest (the second grade of clergy) is someone that claims to be called of God, who exemplifies Christ and Christ’s church, and works towards the reconciliation of all people with God and one another. They perform leadership duties in administrating the sacraments, worship services, and serve the membership in the area where they live and work.

Sounds warm and fuzzy doesn’t it? However, there is another side of this coin. Unlike any other profession, the priest stands as an intercessor between you and the Supreme Creator known as “God.” He is the middle man in the equation and claims that he will lead you on the “narrow road” that leads to eternal life.

No politician would boast such a claim, but the priest does. Claiming more power than any government authority on earth, the priest sews his noesis fabric into a set of doctrines that he guarantees as the way, the truth and the light. The crucial main ingredient is faith. The membership are told to have faith in God, and if we look at what the priest is really saying, it is “trust me.” Faith we understand is the confident belief or trust in a person, idea, or thing that is not based on proof. So how do you know if this person, the priest is trustworthy?

To trust one, you put your faith under that persons control. Faith involves a concept of approaching events or outcomes, and is used conversely for a belief system not resting on legitimate proof or material evidence. Informal usage of the word faith” can be quite unspecific, and can be used in place of “trust or belief.”

Putting your faith in Armstrong-ism.

Generally speaking, in the realm of Armstrong-ism, some of these priestly leaders continue to go through life back-stabbing, back-biting, exhibiting anger and hostility towards others of the same or even different “faiths.” They are not to be trusted by the summation of mentally balanced people. They have few if any true friends. They are the egotistical elite, placing themselves at the center of the world with no direct concern for others.

But our dear priests have a winning formula! Kindly, charismatic, showing outward respectability, loving and caring for their fellow man, their expressed wish of sharing the gospel and leading others to worship the deity they have chosen for us, is all a bit much to stomach. The reality is that some who possess leadership positions in the various churches, use the the membership as if they are ATM machines. Others of the priestly ilk pick and chose from the faithful for sexual trysts. Some desire your children. The truth is, this is an ecclesiastical power structure which is an oases for pedophiles, adulterers, stalkers and even murderers.

The organizational hierarchy co-operates to keep such misconduct from becoming public knowledge. They fail to oversee, educate, investigate or properly discipline the misconduct of the ministers, deacons or elders. They ensure that criminal behavior (not limited to those in leadership positions) is never prosecuted or punished. You have just got to wonder if there is a mechanism of institutional restraint built into the system.

They are wolves masquerading as shepherds. They are what Wyatt Earp was to law enforcement in Americas Old West. Lawless, disgraceful and without a conscious, this ophidian cabal hides behind the facade of righteousness. Where is the righteous rage and singular purpose to prevail over this corruption that is contributing to the mental diminution of both adults and their children within the corporate church?

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
—Albert Einstein

The Fox and the Grapes.

The fox who longed for grapes, beholds with pain
The tempting clusters were too high to gain;
Grieved in his heart he forced a careless smile,
And cried, “They’re sharp and hardly worth my while.”
—Aesop (ca. 620–564 BCE)

This fable is about people who attempt to hold antagonistic ideas while attempting to maintain their belief system simultaneously. As the prophecies that enticed us into Herbert Armstrong’s family business continue to fail, we all have asked ourselves “What makes it worth their while to stay?”

One of the great motivators of all time, used by both politician and priest, is the extraordinary psychological incentive known as “fear.” Following the successful soap salesman, the ministry uses diatribe, Herbert-style lunacy, to its utmost limits. Every despicable word, and manufactured falsehood paints a perfect picture of Armstrong style hysteria and bestowed hebdomadally as they unveil “a lesson for those with eyes to see.”

These lesson are not so much about spiritual issues as they should be, but they are about the core character of these self-satisfied, amateurish doomsday prophets. They consistently voice from the pulpit an extensive treatise whose hypothetical propositions (prophecies) are put forth without a shred of evidence or scholarship. With the catastrophic power of corporate church fascism and with the repression of an authoritarian government, they will never allow the blue ribbon tithe payer to rise up and challenge them as to their agone prophecies. If challenged, they will try to convince you that they are of unstained ethical standards and representatives of an all knowing and loving God. Suchlike the authoritative state, the church and the leaders are never erroneous in their edicts.

The rotting structure who’s foundation is built on the failed prophecies and falsehood of Herbert W. Armstrong can not stand. The door has been kicked in and the structure trembles before the fall. The fable of British Israel-ism has evolve and continues to evolve, all to fit the times we live in. World events present new problems for the Armstrong groups. The world players are changing with antagonistic states or groups rising up and challenging America. Will the membership remember what they hear from the pulpit? Will they demand an accounting from the leadership when their prophecies fail?

History shows us that the minority will continue to follow the repressive, heavy handed mind control groups. What will be left as this structure fails? You will see small groups of people shuffling from one end of the demolished shack to the other end. Like rats, they never leave, just doomed to become religious nomads within the structure of Armstrong-ism.


Fear is the apical motivator that keeps people involved.

Fear of the ministry.

Fear of losing a fictional crown.

Fear of isolation by the current membership after leaving.

Fear of learning what is behind their cognitive dissonance.

Fear of change. Like the fox who could not obtain the grapes, they quit and renounce the objective goal. These are the real losers in the crumbling Armstrong empire. They will live in fear, unable to achieve their personal goals, in or out of the church. To these I say “Stay. You belong in tinfoil-hat land.”

Armstrong-ism may have been conceived in philosophical theory, but it quickly degenerated into meretricious Lysenkoism.”