Corona19, a power grab?

Here is a former Colonel of the Russian Military Intelligence Vladimir Kvachkov and his military assessment as to the current ‘pandemic.’  I actually agree with his assessment and have been thinking along these lines, who benefits?

Consider who the players are in this ‘pandemic.’

Think outside the box: Immune system, Vaccinations, and Flu Shots

This is a excellent video.
Common sense which is sorely lacking in the medical world.
Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on Coronavirus.

Viruses are parasites, they are not alive. Their proteins or necleic need to have a host cell in the cell machinery to make copies  of themselves.

With this in mind, those drugs the doctors give that seem to help with corona-19? Well they treat parasites.

As I mentioned before, these malaria drugs are synthesized from herbs like WORMWOOD.

See this comment

Last 15 minutes of the video is important as to the virus.

Make your own conclusion.