Money Grubbing

February 14, 1941


TO MY CO-WORKERS: Again I find it necessary to acquaint you with the problems that now confront us in this great and fast-growing work. Since the November-December PLAIN TRUTH was issued, a number of NEW readers, listeners to the SEATTLE broadcast, have sent in offerings, thus becoming part of our Co-worker family— just as I knew by faith, they would. However, we still are in the “in-between” period, when our special fund for the Seattle broad- cast is exhausted, and the number of new Co-workers from the Seattle broadcast, and the amount being received, is still far short of making the new station self-supporting. As our new listeners get to know us better, learn more of the glorious TRUTH God has called us to proclaim, they will make the Seattle broadcast more than self-sustaining, helping us add other stations. But this will take another six weeks or two months.

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