The wonderful world tomorrow — what will it be like… under…

Oh, let’s say David C. Pack? And how could we know?

Let’s examine the second part of the question first.

You can take a look at the experience of Benjamin Dickmann in the three YouTube videos found at Banned by HWA!

He joined the Restored Church of God, moved to Wadsworth, Ohio and went to work for the cult. He was underpaid and not only worked 40 hours per week at manual labor (“They work you to the bone”), but was expected to do volunteer work for nothing (“Rather, they tell you what to do, to make it look like you’re volunteering”). “It would run its toll on anybody.”  He describes what one woman working in the compound headquarters on the third floor went through: She missed a Sabbath because she was tired from the overwork and all the stress, lack of sleep — she got sick — and that’s just one example (of many). Another young man was sick from the work, the stress, the lack of sleep — the supposed ‘urgent work’ we always had to do, because it was this ‘big operation’. One member admitted that he had been there four months and moved 4 times because they made him move. Because you were on their property, they treated you as their property. Often people were given one day to move. Benjamin moved 3 times in two months. Everyone there was so tired. Deep down, they knew they were not in the right place. This was just obsessive. Ministers were intimidating. “It’s all about breaking you down.”

 He describes the Restored Church of God as an abusive cult.

There is a place on earth today which well represents what the world would be like if David Pack becomes god and rules the world; it is brought to us as a documentary by the BBC:

“People scavanging in mud.”

“… feels like a doomsday cult.”

No doubt, the people will live in poverty, the leaders will live in sumptuous luxury and there will be monuments to the god king, David Pack.

Absolute power changes peoples’ brains and makes them feel like gods, or at least in communication with gods.

Excessive, unconstrained power makes people feel over-confident, blind to risk, inclined to treat other people as objects, tunnel-visioned, narcissistic and protected from anxiety. These are all real effects, as biologically driven as those caused by any powerful drug.

David Pack has been proving what sort of person he is and he is looking more and more every day like Kim Jong-un.