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The Real Beast of Revelation: This Time for Sure!

Published December 19, 2011 | By SupremeGeneral
The all so handsome dreamy Beast of Revelation!

I know, I know!

The last time in the 1970s we sort of missed the Beast of Revelation!

We were so sure it was Joseph Hayden… no, that’s not right… it was like a name of a composer… was it? was it? Yes! Herr Strauss!

Herr Strauss was a prominent political figure somewhere in Germany and he had all — I mean ALL — of the appearances of the qualifications of being the prime candidate of the Beast Power! He even visited our college campus, although we had to do the hypocritical thing of hiding all our literature that called him the Beast of Revelation. What a public relations nightmare if he ever found out. We figured, though, that with a little PR, we could con him into saving our little insignificant but mostly beautiful campus through The Great Tribulation and would preserve it so that it would be intact when we reversed everything, took over the world and became the Real Beast Power — under Jesus Christ, of course.

How could we have been so very wrong?!?!!!


It isn’t possible!

I don’t believe it!

Anyway, we have the one and only prime — and when I say prime, I mean truly prime hunk of meat on the hoof, so to speak — candidate to carry out Satan’s Plan of Domination to take over the world, sort of like the Brain in Pinky and the Brain!

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is the Beast of Revelation!

This time for sure.

We know this because he described himself as “something of a political animal”.

You see!

A Beast for sure. He’s selected himself by his own words!

We now know for sure! We are absolute on our confidence we have found the Beast Power of Revelation, ready to ride the Scarlet Woman bareback!!! He is here! He is prepared! He’s our man!

Just don’t go and die on us, like the last one we were sure of did.

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  1. I just read thtrough the blog. Pretty creative stuff. As I pointed out to Douglas, on his article regarding the Hadron Collider, being new “particles” spun off by the parent WCG, the escapades of GTA and the split resulting woud be called the Hardon Collider.

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