America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer?

I found this video on the Internet after a friend sent it to me. The idea of America being a great nation because of Gods blessings is what the Armstrongist teach. Its a damnable lie.

If this nation is looking damn rough around the edges it is because we have adopted policies that prove to be detrimental to the health of America and the futures of its people.

The continued adoption of failed policies from other failed/failing states outside the USA (Europe) is based on the concept of creating a more just and equitable society. What these policy really do is tear down the fabric of our society, create division and promoting class warfare.  Its the “us” vs “them” mentality.

As in any cult, this is a valuable tool to create a class of supporters in which you can depend on for continual support.  The sycophants of Armstrongism base their arguments that God is doing all this damage due to our “sins”, sabbath breaking, gay marriage, and other points of dribble.

What really is going on in this nation is a form of tribalism. Divide and conquer the hearts of men, force them into a mold. Create classes of people that makes them feel special. And then vote for the master. Sound familiar? Politicians and Priests. Same sorry sacks of shit presiding in different piles.


Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore.

Index of Economic Freedom.

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  1. Interesting video. And yes, James, you got it right. We’re merely extensions of religion, the “Attila and Witch Doctor” of Ayn Rand, or the “beast and false prophet” of the bible.

    Sure ain’t freedom

  2. We once spoke of the “Balkanization of America”, and I believe that has some merit yet today. The Balkans were united basically because a strong totalitarian government enforced thinking and behavior. People who were natural enemies were forced to get along under some pretty strong penalties, often a disproportionate application of capital punishment.

    While the USA used to be united based on a loosely shared cultural heritage, there were often state-to-state or regional flavors and differences. Political correctness has unnaturally forced a kind of homogeniety upon our society, allowing differences to fester beneath the surface. Couple with that the fact that the immigration quotas we used to have as our natural law were radically changed during prominent lawsuits of the 1960s, and many of the new immigrants resist blending into what we once considered to be our predominant culture. If for some reason, our strong central government were to suddenly disappear, or reach impotence, I fear we would experience Balkanization right here on our own soil.

    The Armstrong explanation for the unparalleled wealth of the USA was ignorant nonsense, even from the Biblical perspective which they claim to embrace. Paul tells us that Christians are the new Israel, and the seed of Abraham. Problem is that the WCG “Judaizers” always labeled New Covenant “pauline” Christians as “Christians falsely so-called”.


    1. “If for some reason, our strong central government were to suddenly disappear, or reach impotence, I fear we would experience Balkanization right here on our own soil.”

      When America was in its beginning stages the Federal government was small as it was designed to be. The rights of the individual states was supreme. It is just what we have now, centralization, that has taken our rights and trashed the constitution. The role/power of the government in the lives of Americans was to be “limited.” Now days as we see our freedoms trashed month after month, the role of government is of oppression and of tyranny. Before the year is up you will see a power grab never seen before in our common history. We have become a banana republic!

  3. I posted this video on my Facebook page. Got some good response. I stood before a judge in court one day, and argued my case by actual stated law within the state constitution. The judge was flabbergasted. he had a large, red book he used for reference. After looking frantuically from front to back, he put the ook down and said “Mr. Haulk, your constitutional rights come second to the compelling interest of the state”. He may as well have said, “You are nothing. The state is everything”. After admitting to me that i had a good k nowledge of the law, he then asked me if I was guiltry of the accusation. I replied “That is what I’m accused of”.

    “That wasn’t my question. Did you do it?”
    “That’s what I’m accused of”.
    “Answer my question!”.

    Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of legal history realizes that the judge acted in direct violation of law, not to mention his oath, first, by acti ng as both judge and prosecutor, and second, by compelling me to be a witness against myself.

    I asked for a transcript of his statements. “We don’t do transcripts” he told me. IOW, he could flagrantly break the law, and there was no way I could prove it.I would remind you that the right against self incrimiation goes back to the trial of Jesus, as pointed out by John Lilburne in arguments Star Chamber of England, and SCOTUS itself pointed to Lilburne’s arguments, as well as Maimonides(Miranda v A rizona, footnote 27) declaring that the 5th amendment right against self incrimination has its parallel in the Bible, declared by Maimonides as a “divine decree”. That’s your legal sysytem today. A total repudiation of our most basic and cherished principles of liberty.

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