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Hello James – – –

You have a way of hitting the nail on the head;

isn’t that what “truth” is about?

<<The reality is that the Armstrongists cannot even maintain their bonds within the
various COG community’s, nor bring us closer to God, or generally work to the betterment of Man and society.

It is indeed amazing how they still pimp out Herbie who’s when dead
since 1986. But mention Jesus and they turn on you.>>


that is about the sum of it;

they cannot maintain their bonds within their communities –

it is bizarre that they can still “pump (or is that pimp) from the podium,

yet are utterly incapable of making any positive change in people’s lives –

Of course “Jesus” should encapsulate the truth of what he said about the
religion of the time “well spoke Moses of you” etc – –

it fits the WWCoG mold perfectly – the actual fruits prove that HWA was a liar:
“Re 21:8  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”


To this day, I cannot stand anything false, or the many liars we come across in our communities.

I would rather listen to something that is unpleasant and is true, than to something that is pleasant, and is a lie.


Attached you will find an article by Bertrand Comparet; while definitely a short article one cannot claim that HWA “copied” this, but a short scan of the article shows similar kind of thinking to HWA, and Comparet was around in HWA’s time – almost certainly HWA will have known about Comparet – he also covered such subjects as the sabbath etc – in my opinion someone like Comparet would have caused less damage than HWA –because his application of the sabbath question was not as destructive –


With the Internet, it becomes more and more clear that even such subjects like sabbath and holy days were

tackled more responsibility by certain groups – with NO CONNECTION TO HWA – many such groups have professed that not keeping a holy day or sabbath did not damn anyone – such groups profess that these days are “shadows” and that Christ (“Jesus”) is the reality – some groups have admitted that certain members would “pout and sulk” during christmas – they admitted that cutting themselves off from family during christmas time was not the wisest!

Again, no connection to HWA, but if only HWA had had this more lenient approach to these subjects!

I also believe that Comparet and some of his “followers” were against church government and tithing

This research of mine has proved undoubtedly that the supposed “exclusiveness” of HWA, restoring truths etc is complete bunkum !!!


While HWA lived, there were many INDEPENDENT GROUPS that covered a whole spectrum of subjects such as sabbaths, holy days, prophecy, laws and statutes, the identity of Israel, the gospel = the kingdom etc etc etc

I could probably find 100 groups on the Internet now that even today cover at least a part of this spectrum  –
Why should this not be the case? Can other church members all over the world not read?
HWA and his followers think they are the only ones who ever read the old testament –
James, thanks for your encouragement:

<<I am pleased you got your consulting business going. There is nothing better than having the freedom to work on your own, doing what you want to do and when>>

I never get such responses form “christians/churchgoers” – my best long term friend is an atheist(!) who has moved back to UK now – he will sometimes send me an email with links to a site that he knows will interest me – he can only do this since he has actually taken the trouble to find out what MY interest are – when do “Christians” do this?

Whenever I get the chance, and I speak to any church minister, I tell them clearly that Christianity is a farce: the members do not practice any of that stuff that they profess – I offer them this “solution”:

I say give every christian in your church/community a copy of Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” – put this book next to their bible, read it and go and practice that stuff for TWO YEARS – only then can they claim to know anything about Christianity!

Well, that’s my 2 cents worth for today

All the best,



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  1. I posted this on the email page as a comment:


    Interesting statement his book makes on the last page of that pdf document. ( Page 8 )

    At last the bible makes sense!
    At last we know its meaning.
    Its the book of the RACE

    It seems Bertrand Comparet was an Aryan Nations bigot. As you may know, Herbert Armstrong’s booklet “The United States and Britain In Prophecy” was being used by the Aryan Nations and other hate groups to justify their insane notion of white Anglo Saxon superiority. But just to be fair, I did notice one difference between the Armstrong cults and this guy. He used the name “Jesus Christ” eight times within this short article. You might have to wait a year in one of Herbie’s spin offs to hear the name “Jesus Christ” that many times! You got to wonder why the members of these crackpot organizations don’t “counterexcommunicate” their leaders?

    The meatless bone of demagogism gets old but it is a time worn method that causes people to feel “special” and gain a following of useful idiots in their maligned cause.

  2. My comments are as follows:
    After a LONG time observing “christianity”, and in particular Harmstrongism,
    I have this to say-

    Christianity is the single biggest rip-off industry in the world today; I don’t say this lightly – I believe I can demonstrate this-

    According to one article, there are about 1.5 billion christians, most of these are catholics. The impact of this vast sector has not made a dent in the problems of the world, I need not list them here.

    I can honestly say that at this stage of my life, I cannot think of ONE so-called christian that I look up to – not ONE that I respect, not ONE that I can say has integrity, not ONE that I can rely on.

    That’s a whole story in itself. I have known many staunch church goers, most of them never get beyond the attendance stage. Truly, Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the people.

    I could relate many stories of hypocritical “christians”, example a while back I finally had had enough of Mr X’s drunkenness, his lack of appreciation for my help, my offerings of distance learning aid for him was counted as nothing; when I confronted him, his mother proceeded to tell me that she would go and pray for ME, because my heart was wrong!

    Many times I had come across this in WWCoG, when you dare to confront, you get attacked!

    Many, many such examples-

    A friend of mine, who is a psychologist told me “many churches criticize the field of psychology, I wish I could give them all the stats of people who came to see me because NO ONE would help them after being abused by church members – there was no help to be offered by the churches – even after the abuse”

    She also told me in conclusion, as far as so-called christian principles, “NOBODY DOES IT”

    Well said; it seems that “the truth” is only to be found in the secular arena – that very area that the church(es) despise!

    Since exiting WWCoG, I did much research myself which proved that HWA stole almost all of his ideas from others – when I attempted to relay this info to others from WWCoG, they SIMPLY IGNORED IT!

    These so-called christians will have nothing to do with me – WHY – because I tell the truth

    The TRUTH about the actual IMPACT of HWAs doctrines is ignored to this day; triple tithing and Feast of Tabernacles “laws” resulted not in blessings, but in a complete waste of life for many –

    The financial strain of double/triple tithes and offerings and losing your job because of Tabernacles destroyed many families – – – one can only take so much!

    The divorce doctrine also destroyed many healthy marriages – when I have discussed these issues, they just shrugged their shoulders and made comments like “when the church enforced these laws then the church was strong, and families were healthy” – if you can follow the logic?

    So, to this day, I see similar attitudes in many churches – the function of the churches seem to be to keep people SILENT – ie never complain about anything – no matter who gets damaged in the process!


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