Society of Christians Under Men: SCUM!

Hello James – –

It’s already 13 years since I exited WWCoG – how time flies when you’re having fun ): ):

It’s been a slow crawl; building your life from nothing is quite a task.

In my consulting business I have to be VERY ACCURATE-

often I have to give bad news, which needs to be presented in many cases

to an executive board.

Very seldom have I been challenged concerning these results,

although certainly you have to be ready should you be asked to elaborate.

I thus have a reputation for accuracy, an important part of doing

business on a corporate level.

Therefore I think my accuracy extends to other areas, such as
my evaluation of the typical “christian” church or society-

Society of Christians Under Men: SCUM:

I agree with your evaluation as per your last email.

Christians/churches typically attack the secular;

it is a “tool of satan” or a “counterfeit of the world”

However, it is the secular that unravels christianity;

in many cases christianity has been shown to a
system of superstition, a system of fear, a system
of compliance.
Karl Marx said that religion is the opiate of the people;
this principle can be extended to many systems today;
in many cases citizens “keep the law” because of fear,
or consequences of not keeping the law- these systems
also lead to bureaucracy, which in too many cases is a
system of arbitrary laws, such as whether one can do business
or not.
Much of the “peace” of society comes not from brotherhood,
but from compliance, the sheep instinct- when the sheep
are completely opiated they will not so much as lift a finger-
the excuse being that we must follow the law, or that it is the
responsibility of the authorities or “government” or sort everything out.
It is the SECULAR in many cases that dared to cast some ripples
on the seas; imagine being cast into prison for claiming that the earth
revolves around the sun- you would think that there were more relevant
high-profile criminals to be made an example of-
One gets the impression that the “true” criminal is the one who dares to
challenge society, one who dares to challenge philosophy is thrown
into prison.
Those who commit murder and rape etc are seen as minor threats to those
in charge; after all one who kills ten people will hardly make a dent
in the fabric of the governing powers- but let ONE MAN write a book
cataloging some organization’s corruption, and he probably won’t love long-
The pen is indeed mightier than the sword, the pen is one of the tools of that
dreaded “secular” – it is the pen that unraveled parts of the catholic church- it is the secular that provided the individual with freedom of expression, the ability to think for himself- once the secular provided the means to read and write the INDIVIDUAL had the potential to be something other than a willing slave
Now and again I bump into seemingly well-meaning church-type people;
it is not long and suddenly they want to “pray for me”, they think that they
have some special ability to fix the problems of society-
They ASSUME that a candid discussion about the challenges and problems
of business and society REQUIRES such action from them;
YET no advice was asked for, in under a minute they are jumping in offering solutions, despite the immense complexity and difficulties out there, many of these self-professing “fix-its” think that they have special powers- despite the fact that they are extremely lacking in managerial, operational, technical and other skills!!!
Unfortunately, too many “church-goers” are only there to make up for deficiencies lack of skills and qualifications on their side- they think that feeling “warm and fuzzy” once a week in some church is the solution-
Exactly HOW do churches address the lack of skills that we find in society?
HOW do they address abuse? How do they address lack of leadership?
How do they address a 50% divorce rate? How do they address financial
and economic problems?
By feeling warm and fuzzy once a week;
psychology has shown that a constant repetition of warm and fuzzy feelings
amounts to an addiction;
hence the REPETITION of the sunday gay/effeminate meetings.
No wonder so many men cannot come up with a single concrete action plan
to clean up their mess…

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