2015 New Year

Ambassador.Report website
Ambassador.Report website

It’s spring and today marks the first day of the 2015 New Year. Or maybe it’s yesterday. Or could be tomorrow. The Jewish Calendar is so confusing! And this is a postponement year. OK, well maybe it’s not spring. After all, fall is just beginning in New Zealand. So congratulations, we’ve just begun the holyday calendar New Year. Unless we haven’t. After this weekend, though, it will be the start of a brand new religious new year. Well, maybe not technically for the Jews, since they seem to have used the calendar to start their year in the fall at the time of the Feast of Trumpets. Or maybe the Day of Atonement (after all, that’s when the Jubilee Year begins, if there is one — but, of course, some people think the Jubilee Year only lasts six months — honest! That’s what they think!) So if you’re confused, you’re not alone, although some confused people think they are perfectly fine!

We thought we’d start the new year with a surprise! It’s been a lot of hard work, and it’s still under development, but if you click on the above picture of the Ambassador.Report website, it will take you to… the Ambassador.Report website. It’s still about the same as AmbassadorReports.com, but with some new technology. We’ve updated some material and added the Ambassador College 1969 Envoy:

Ambassador College 1969 Envoy
Ambassador College 1969 Envoy

It’s now in flipping book format. It certainly is appropriate to Ambassador.Report, since the 1969 Envoy is a priceless pictorial of the state of Armstrongism just after the Radio Church of God became the Worldwide Church of God and began its slide into its iron pyrite epitome of Herbert Armstrong’s golden calf. The introduction is an exercise of hypocritical polemics designed to expose the defugalties of this world while not realizing these decades later it would perfectly describe Armstrongism; for example:

Bible In The Garbage: WCG complaining about Society!
Bible In The Garbage: WCG complaining about Society!

 Along about page 14 or so, the Envoy begins the harangue about Civilization, implying that it has turned to barbarism. One only need look at some of the sects within the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia today to see the worst of human nature in action, and furthermore, they’ve thrown out the Bible — it’s more like they are atheists who have used the Bible for marketing purposes.

Our personal favorite on the Ambassador.Report website is the updated 1975 in Prophecy, now in mostly full color:

1975 in Prophecy
1975 in Prophecy

It’s heavy with graphics and is contained in lots of megabytes. You can get the table of contents by clicking on “Outline” and comments by clicking on “CC”. Be sure to click on the speaker in the lower left hand to get the fully licensed theme song appropriate to the site. Note the transitions on each page. The crumpled paper look is sure to be popular. Note that on the last page, we have in the upper left hand corner a little message from the author. There’s nothing like a “Goodbye, friends” from a dead false prophet.

You’ll also find the Ambassador Report in flipping book format there (work is proceeding to correct some minor errors, so be patient). You’ll find “Foundation of Sand” and the other usual features.

As for the future of the site, let’s just say we have PLANS!

It’s our gift to you for this new year… whenever the new year is….

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  1. This is awesome!

    Congratulations! John Trechak was a friend of mine. Somewhere, he’s probably got a big smile on his face.


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