Moral Question

Gay Parents
Gay Parents

Byker Bob comments over at Silenced:

Butter will always be butter, and margarine will always be margarine. Bottom line is that even if a supreme being and eternal laws were taken out of the equation, heterosexual relationships would still remain the way in which the species is propagated, and the young are nurtured and imprinted with the value systems of their parents.

In the larger scheme of things there certainly is an element of truth to that. However, in this day and age, moral questions become ever more complex as human beings become ever more irrational and chaotic. Take, for example, the ‘moral’ Philadelphia Church of God.

A minister in the Philadelphia Church of God advised a member to leave his disabled child in a shopping mall because ‘someone will find him and take care of him’. There are other incidents where various Armstrongist church members were told by their ministry to kick their children out of their homes because the children did not agree with the cult teachings. Teens have been shut out, left on their own to find food and shelter in the streets.

This should boggle your mind, but the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia have been doing these sorts of extreme things so long that people just sort of accept them and move on. If anyone gets upset, it doesn’t last long and people seem to have a short memory. Moreover, they often submit to this because of the sociopathic nature of their environment where they have adopted the most ridiculous extreme distortions of conscience for the sake of religion, even if they should know that what they believe and are doing is immoral, unethical, illegal and goes against the very Bible they profess to believe and obey.

While there may be moral ambiguity among the Armstrongists, when it comes to homosexuality and same sex marriage, there are no gray areas. In fact, there’s no rainbow of color areas. It’s all black and white. There is no compromise. There are no holds barred. It is wrong. It is a moral outrage. The Armstrongists may let the drunkenness and adultery among them slide, but there had very well not be any gays among them and anyone so wicked will surely end up in the lake of fire. Not only that, but just because they exist, they are absolutely responsible for earthquakes, droughts, floods, forest fires and another bad television season. They get the blame for all of God’s Wrath and Punishment. They should all be put to death before we all suffer horribly from a wrathful God.

In the meantime, many gay couples are adopting children no want wants. Some have adopted disabled children and even ‘crack babies’ with special needs which require significant sacrifice to nurture them. It isn’t outside the realm of reasonable possibilities that if it hasn’t happened already, the children rejected and thrown out of the family homes of Armstrongist cultists may very well end up adopted by loving nurturing gay married couples.

Here’s the moral question… no wait, you already know what it is.

What’s your answer?

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  1. Those presently celebrating the state’s “affirmation” of same-sex relationships are intoxicated by the knowledge that they are the “who” rather than the “whom” in Lenin’s famous formula (which defines the essential political question as “who does what to whom”). Like countless others they have been beguiled into believing that “liberation” is achieved by identifying with the exercise of state power, rather than being protected against it.
    -William N. Grigg
    Link Here

  2. It’s my observation that these ‘liberations’ led by either the government or corporations generally leads to slavery.

    And also generally, the leader of the resistance becomes the next dictator when he wins.

  3. Ministers advising members to abandon children or send them packing… it’s like taking the unwanted dog for a ride. What first came to mind were some scenes in Michener’s novel Hawaii where disabled or deformed children were put on the beach to be washed out to sea.

  4. What is so amazing is that members accept the ministers’ advice to abandon or eject their children with such alacrity, not considering the total inhumanity of it all — and in some cases it’s not about disabled or deformed children, it’s a question of a really stupid belief system (so corrupt that it advises people to abandon or eject their children for the benefit of the rigid feudal system brutal hierarchy).

    It makes no sense at all.

    And on top of it, they call married gay people immoral.

    Like they have any right to making any sort of evaluation of condemnation.

    The leaders simply can’t believe in God at all — they must be some sort of atheist, and not the good kind, either.

    1. I’ve come across atheist (probably just agnostic) rabbis. But, unlike COG ministers, rabbis are respected and important to the fabric of the Jewish community.
      At one time I thought that after rising through the ranks certain COG ministers were told or realized that HWA was running a scam, but their best interests were served by remaining in the system.

  5. Better not leave your child in a shopping mall because the “someone” who finds him and takes care of him just might be a gay couple…and they might do a better job of raising him than you…

    Oh the humanity!

  6. So if gay couples are immoral and if they take care of abandoned Armstrongist children, doesn’t this make the Armstrongists more immoral?

  7. “So if gay couples are immoral and if they take care of abandoned Armstrongist children, doesn’t this make the Armstrongists more immoral?”

    When your adversaries behave more civil than you the church, then yes, your adversaries are of a higher moral makeup. Even the godless atheist can live a life of higher morals than an armstrongist. It has been proven after all through those atheists who naturally live by this… ‘In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.’

    It is natural human law that if you treat others with kindness and love, that harmony has a chance to take root and spring to life, spreading like a field full of lovely flower blooms, bringing happiness to every soul who lays eyes on what you have created.

    Not so in the Philadelphia church of god or Meredith’s little cult of horrors. They are like a version of Dante’s hell on steroids.

  8. Let’s not forget Dave Pack’s Restored Church of God.

    There are unconfirmed rumors that there is a project in progress building the tenth circle of hell and it will be worse than anything Dante has thought up so far.

    Here’s hoping that it’s true and that it is specifically being prepared for Armstrongist leaders.

    Well, OK. I can hope, can’t I?

    One thing is sure — that in some great future, the Armstrongist leaders will finally all be dead and the universe will be a kinder, nicer, more peaceful place to live. Not that it matters that much to me: My cat is happy and the tomato plants are cheerfully growing wonderful ripe cherry tomatoes. Kudos to those who are making the world a better place, especially for the children, even if they are married gays.

    I’m not hopeful, but you know maybe their good example could catch on.

    Unfortunately, these days, setting a good example just makes evil people like the Armstrongists even more angry.

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