Scientific Society Superstition

Arab society went from brilliant science to superstition because of an ideology.

Well… So what would science look like after centuries of the world dominated by British Israelism? Expect stupidity… the same sort of stupidity represented by religion (Islam) rotting the mind. Cultural power and political power trumps science and engineering.

Note that the superstition had a major impact on candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize. Remember that Herbert Armstrong was said to be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize? It never happened. Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be a single Armstrongist who has ever won the prize.

Don’t look for such public  acclaim any time soon.

In fact, if there were a War Prize instead, it would be difficult to select the winner among the squabbling sects of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia.

Who would you pick?

2 Replies to “Scientific Society Superstition”

    1. You may be right: Meredith is the last man standing from the original 4 Ambassador College students.

      Nevertheless, it looks like Meredith may only have 3 to 5 more years to go and he has had a recent stroke.

      On the other hand, LCG claims more Feast of Tabernacles attendees this year than even United.

      Moreover, with over 50 years of experience of being a false prophet, Meredith has had a great impact on damaging science within the Armstrongist churches. He has raised fantasy to the status of ‘doctrine’ and ‘truth’.

      It will remain to be seen what legacy Meredith will leave, particularly after the LCG implodes at his passing.

      Will he be forgotten? Will the damage he has done to society vanish? Or will he have passed on superstition to a mass of people who would have had a chance of believing in reality?

      This past weekend, Dr. Who uttered a line which will go down in history:

      “What’s the one thing that Gods never do? Gods never actually show up!”

      Eventually, the Armstrongists have to acknowledge that their gods never have shown up and it doesn’t look like they ever will.

      It’s chilling how fundamentalism can hobble society for hundreds of years. We live in a time in which cultural and political power define ‘reality’.

      Concerning programming, Guillermo Schwarz said on Quora, “Since all technical problems can be handled, all the projects problems reduce to organizational problems.” In other words, you can solve technical problems, but you cannot solve technological problems with politics and neither can you solve political problems with technology. Armstrongism depends upon politics and social engineering to pretend that all the world problems will be solved by their philosophies, but if history has taught us anything, after all that is said and done, problem solutions must come through application of real world science and logic applied using real determined effort. Armstrongists do not have the integrity to pursue this. For example, over at the PKG, the remaining members are ‘comfortable’ to the point that they will not leave when the next Weinland prophecy fails in November.

      All Armstrongist sects are dysfunctional cults which propose philosophies which if diligently pursued and applied will only lead to more dysfunction.

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