Ordinary Member in the Matrix
Ordinary Member in the Matrix

Armstrongists live in a dystopian Matrix virtual world where nothing is as it seems: They are preoccupied with what the Architect of the Matrix wants them to see — such things as future events cast in concrete, described to be a major transformation in what they will experience. The people who live in the Matrix form a specialized social group apart from real world experiences. In this society, they believe they are a select unique manifestation superior to others and they believe that the persons next to them share their hopes and dreams. They also trust that the people around them in the Matrix are their friends and will remain true to them forever, no matter what, in their shared experience.

They do not realize that the Agents of the Matrix could change their world in an instant.

The Agents of the Matrix exist to maintain order in the Matrix and assure that the Matrix is secure. They may seem benign, but when they sense the Matrix is threatened, they can transform in an instant to protect the nature of the Matrix.

In the Matrix, the Armstrongist leaders, ministers, administrators, elders, deacons, deaconnesses are obvious Agents. They will correct any deviant behavior which does not fit within the constructs of the Matrix as designed by the Architect, Herbert Armstrong. Anyone who disagrees with the premise that the Matrix is built on, is the enemy of the Matrix. Whether it is opposition to British Israelism, any of the Draconian measures, such as tithing or just a deviancy from the norms set for the social group of the Matrix, the Agents of the Matrix will take action.

One example of this was the woman who was being stalked within the United Church of God, an International Association Matrix by a member of that Matrix for seven years. She and her husband sought relief from the stalking by seeking out Agents of the Matrix. They sent registered letters to Aaron Dean on the Council of Elders and petitioned the other CoE Agents. They sought support from those around them. But just as in the video above, they suddenly found that their ‘friends’ who seemed to be as they were, ordinary members of the Matrix, were suddenly transformed into Agents of the Matrix.

Matrix Agent Smith
Matrix Agent Smith

In the Living Church of God Matrix, the Scarborough family faced the same thing: Those they thought were their friends became Agents of the Matrix.

Agents of the Matrix will do anything — anything at all — to preserve the Matrix. Betrayal is only an instant away.

Those of us who have been severed from the Matrix realize that the real world is not at all like the Matrix — that the Matrix is a construct of illusion and deception, just as Morpheus explained to Neo. There is no safety within the Matrix. It can be a dangerous place. It may look benign to the untrained eye, but it is all designed to make those trapped in the Matrix little more than batteries to power the Matrix.

As Morpheus said, if you are not one of us, you are one of them — and ‘them’ can transform into Agent Smith at any moment to oppose you.

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  1. Usually I am not in favor of watching sequels. For instance no 2, 3 and 4. I usually stick to no 1. However this editorial warrants a night with beer and pretzels, to explore if any escape route is offerd in the sequel.
    I also wonder how life will be after escape from the matrix. How will my new barbeque club react if all I put on there is vegetarian? Will I be eliminated or assimilated? Will I be given a “code red?” What will be the boundaries of any new social construct I enter in? Can I hug my co worker, at the printer? As they say on facebook. “It is complicated.”


    1. Pick the red pill or the blue pill. Are you so enured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that you will fight to protect it?

      If so, you are an enemy of humanity.

      You can have barbecues of your choosing, but in the Matrix, you can’t have pork or shrimp on the barbie. If you want to risk being accused of sexual harassment, you may indeed hug your coworker at the printer or any other place you want. About the “code red”, you are obviously confusing venues.

      Escape from the Matrix is never easy. Life will be difficult at first. You will have to adapt and throw off the shackles of illusion.

      But be warned, if you stay in the Matrix, you will be living in an unreal virtual alternative world where British Israelism is real and prophecy is real… even though it isn’t.

      And you’ll be an enemy of all of us who are not in the Matrix, determined to enslave all of us to be just like you.

      And in the real world, beer and pretzels may not be so good for you.

  2. Douglas,

    My approach was purily philosophical. Hence the questioning format.
    I wonder if perhaps the Matrix had it’s origin in the “garden of eden.”
    Does not the original hebrew root of the word “garden” imply “separation” from “others”or “the wasteland” by definition. Hence my allusion to any social construct, like the marines (code red). Or the typical american work place mores.

    Feel free to dispose of my postings if they don’t feel right or are not up to high analytical standards. I am not in any way trying to be offensive or intrusive. Just exploring your matrix analogy in comparison to other social constructs.


    1. Nck,

      We don’t have to get extra complicated in everything we do. The Matrix is a simple concept without smoking a bowl and tripping our way through the land of allusions, illusions and delusions.

  3. The Matrix enter-trained us to realize that we can’t percieve reality as directly as we thought we could. We arrogantly think our 5 senses can percieve it ALL. We are so very limited in how we make sense of the information that comes in.
    Deletion. That’s it.
    So, how do these agents go about protecting the matrix? Who do these agents work for? We know they are there to serve and protect the matrix. Loss of power is the only concern. Our reality-tunnels all differ from each other in the same way that there was only one human per pod. Our birth-right, the freedom to act in our own best interest, is similar to the danger of the matrix losing a battery. Agents will always be on the prowl looking for short circuits to be repaired. That’s what they do. Is it possible to escape? With Neo’s mastery of perceptions and skill of dealing with agents became the catalyst which opened the door to salvation from the matrix. So each of us can independently learn from Neo and escape the matrix too.

    New ideas challenge old ideas. I say we are all trapped by our ideas, possibly forever, I hope not, in the position of the five blind men and the elephant.

    “There’s so many different worlds, so many different suns, and we have just one world, but we live in different ones”


  4. To clarify a little James,

    You are dealing with “unhappy customers.”
    I have to deal with millions of “happy consumers.”
    The same allusions, illusions and delusions.
    Trying not to trip here by heeding the “dark side”.


  5. Back from the abyss…
    Are you aware of the conspiracy of the 26 letters of the english language that have conspired to advertise for information to be collected along with non-nature taxes and which will be used to extort commerce with words being used like guns to make slaves and take hostages of the innocents who don’t even know how to spell yet?

  6. hm the art of persuasion or pr?

    You do realize the profoundness of your use of the word “back.”

    It is my first contact, first posting, first day here.
    Your use of the word “back” implies abilities to transfer your consciousness in 4 dimensions through cyberspace. I can only be “back” in the matrix of your consciousness.

    My ability to transfer through the matrix, can only be demonstrated by being brief, concise, polite and accurate on the conspiracy of the 26 letters.

    (Although briefness might be interpreted as an application of the “rule of scarcity”.
    Thereby increasing the attraction and persuade one by the “fear of losing out” to prompt immediate action.) LOL Only a friend would ask me to be brief an an agent to expound. LOL


  7. Using the Matrix to describe Armstrongism is extremely useful: After all, the Matrix is a system and like Armstrongism, it has a cohesiveness to it. Certainly, like the corrupt tree it is, Armstrongism has many branches, but it still all bears pretty much the same rotten corrupt fruit, ending in, if not ruined lives, then certainly wasted ones.

    The primary advantage to see it as a system is that if we consider it as a whole, in a holistic manner, it gives us leverage to counter it and note the trends. The trends are not in isolation. Even though the individual groups or ‘branches’ if you please, may be isolated and separate from one another, it still works out that they have quite common behavior.

    For example, we may not perceive that we’ve made much progress over the years to make inroads into opposing the Matrix, but we have. Years of promoting the debunking British Israelism has produced a backlash from all sorts of different quarters within the Armstrongism Matrix. It’s obvious that Bob Thiel has responded and so has Aaron Dean. The British Israelism Church of God has tried to find support for its silly belief system. The Matrix has been galvanized to protect itself by defending British Israelism.

    The latest manifestation of this is Mark Armstrong who has just come out with this ridiculous statement:

    “The idea that the western nations on earth today came from the descendants of the sons of Jacob whose name God changed to Israel is something that the elite intellectuals not only deny, but condemn.”

    He offers no proof, only a sort of preposterous ad hominem attack which, when analyzed, breaks down into abject silliness.

    The Matrix has also responded to the idea that Herbert Armstrong is a false prophet and the Matrix is wont to make crazy silly statements. Consider this gem from Richard Rittenbaugh from the Church of the Great God:
    The following questions, then, must all be answered before we judge a person as a true or false prophet:

    1. Does he claim to prophesy in God’s name or in a false god’s name?
    2. Do his prophecies come to pass?
    3. Does he do signs and wonders?
    4. Does he teach the truth based on God’s Word?

    In Herbert Armstrong’s case, we can answer affirmatively only to number 4!

    So he admits (#2) that Herbert Armstrong’s prophecies do NOT come to pass. How does that not make Herbert Armstrong a false prophet. The illogic is mind boggling.

    But that’s the way of the Matrix: Just make stuff up to protect yourself. It doesn’t have to be true and it doesn’t even have to make sense. Any excuse will do. The Matrix is counting on the fact that people are lazy and will take such brazen statements at face value without following up.

    Nevertheless, by virtue of the fact that the Matrix is responding positively demonstrates that our war against it is working.

  8. hmm, interesting to see how your exploration works.
    I hope my postings do not hamper that process, if so take the liberty to dispose of them.

    The Ritenbaugh trick is a common trick used by politicians.
    A question (by a reporter) is asked. The politician reframes the question. Then the politician proceeds to answer the reframed question instead of the original or relevant one.
    In the case of Ritenbaugh and HWA the question was already framed.
    “There are no prophets as church (cog) – leaders so how can we be false prophets (re MOA)?”

    Whereas the real question to be asked is what does a false prophet do?
    Not, does it fulfill the requirement I just gave you? LOL

    I like the example of “a self learning system”.
    Perhaps therefore the recent meeting of lcg and cogwa? (speculating here)

    I see you are in a war against a fractured system. You notice the system is responding.
    Framing also works the other way round I believe.
    When the government found itself in need of fighting local, disorganized disgruntled muslims. It framed them into organisations like Al qaida or Isil or whatever.
    Organisations that never existed on a local level in far away places, until someone framed them into such organisation

    Later they all found themselves adopting the ways and symbols of said organisations, identifying themselves as proud members. Until another matrix offered another solution.

    I’ll continue to explore the issue in what level a new matrix is needed after the old one is shed. I solved it for myself but most people seem to be social animals in my estimation. I’ll start by taping sequel 2 tonight.


  9. Remember how, years ago, there was a move afoot to “clean up” Richard Nixon, making him into some sort of prescient elder statesman, basically for the purpose of his legacy?

    Over the past month or so, we’ve seen posts on our regular sites by several new people who seem to be attempting the same for Herbert Armstrong. The general tactic seems to be the establishment of a “baseline”. This is being done by attempting to set up a lowest common denominator of factoids that a broad number of people might find inoffensive, and can agree upon, either regarding HWA himself, or his teachings. It is an active approach very similar to Thomas Jefferson’s treatment of the Bible. It’s a “what if we subtracted the ludicrous or bad parts of Armstrongism, and retained only the good elements” approach. There seems to be a certain amount of synchronicity in this amongst 3-4 new posters, which causes one to wonder if cyber characters are being invented deliberately to make it appear as if this sudden phenomenon has greater weight. They believe they can fool us, but we can easily recognize it for what it is.

    Bottom line is that Armstrong and Armstrongism cannot be cleaned up. They need to be scrapped in their entirety, not in search of a new matrix, but in search of truth. That seems to be the essence of the article upon which we are commenting. Freedom from the matrix. Those invested in the matrix will continue to do every deceptive thing in their power to preserve it and extol its virtues. Even a limited matrix based on Armstrongism is valueless and harmful. It’s like the “Hitler liked dogs” approach.


    1. Nixon? I wasn’t born till after the moon landing. But I do understand spin control and media manipulation, so I get your point. As to the little squad of sockpuppets, there is a detectable prose that shows up in feedback and that’s all I will mention here. Your idea of them establishing a baseline for armstrong-lite could be true. Because of your experiences with HWA, you ‘regulars’ are more adept at discovering this. In the comparison of experiences, I would now say the CGI was the most armstrong-lite out there and I left that around 1998. The motivations of some of ‘them’ could have other explanations too, but probably only one.

      I CAN haz haz-hamburger. Mildly.

      To be clear, I am now agnostic.
      This is how i NOW see ALL religion.

      With a song from my teenage years, I can sum up all of my experiences growing up in a devout relgious dysfunctional family and then later on in Armstrongism.It applies any cult.


  10. James as I understand the title of this blog

    “Understanding the psychology of religious seduction and spiritual abuse.”

    I am part of the “services industry” making billions dealing in allusions, illusions, dillusions.
    In the twenties giving girls a sense of freedom by making them smoke dried plant. Making you part of the American dream by handing you a sugary brown drink, handing you Santa Clause in the thirties. Aiding you in the “pursuit of happiness” by providing the loan while buying the car.

    I said.
    You are dealing with “unhappy customers.”
    You are dealing with the unhappy customers of the same techniques on your blog.

    I said
    I have to deal with millions of “happy consumers.”
    My customers seem to be content by the same techniques I described.

    The same allusions, illusions and delusions.
    Meaning what it means.

    Trying not to trip here by heeding the “dark side”.
    Exploring “Understanding the psychology of religious seduction and spiritual abuse.”
    So not to trip on the “dark side” of the industry.

    So it is a personal exploration. I have no part current Armstrongism.

    Now back to the topic.
    When I read the interesting topic about the matrix. The following:

    “The Agents of the Matrix exist to maintain order in the Matrix and assure that the Matrix is secure. They may seem benign, but when they sense the Matrix is threatened, they can transform in an instant to protect the nature of the Matrix.”

    To me this is an exact description of the wcg – tkach transformation.
    I allude to that very analytical.
    Because some 40.000 people and even the staunches of hwa fighters embrace that transition as benign or “a liberation.” In my analytical world it is all and the same. People were not given their freedom they were robbed even more.

    Now this is what I called transitioning from one matrix to the other. And I was exploring the alternatives of what was called “the search for truth”. Just observing the ones who find it in Lutheranism, renewed interest in pentecostalism or just the freedom the state offers.
    Purely observing from a professional viewpoint. Not drawing people into “my fold.”

    What is that reality?
    The fbi making a great fuss about wanting information from an I phone? The maker making a great fuss about not wanting to make that information available? While in reality said agency, by now is capable of obtaining that information from the device. It is only through PR that “the masses” have already been prepared for further infringements on their liberties by the agents of the matrix. The masses are of the opinion that they “have discussed the issue thoroughly”, indeed the masses are not prone to “having to get extra complicated” but moreso inclined toward “simple concepts.” (Especially when in a state of fear.)

    I witnessed that process in 2001 – 2003 on the former planet alumni sites discussing 9/11 with AC alumni. Driven by fear they were willing to hand in all kinds of personal freedoms and providing personal information in order to restore order (in their mind) or “homeland security.” It was very interesting to see the difference between the american and international alumni (let’s say canadian that were less stricken by fear).

    In the same manner it is my opinion that hwa or wcg would not have grown to prominence had it not been for the cold war. Is it any surprise that the franchise folded exacty at the moment the Soviet Union defenitely folded? Those who like simple concepts, might point at tkach making “all the changes.” In my world it was the leadership that was prompted to make changes because of the diminishing cashflow that was a direct result of the dimishing fear, that was a direct result of the collapse of the soviet union.

    My point on the matrix is.
    People are social beings. They are more likely to transfer from one matrix to another. Although I believe in the case of the movie example that the matrix is defined as being bad by definition.

    It is complex. Just relying on “simple concepts” has dire consequences.
    The USA had expected the Iraqi people to respond in the same manner as the defeated Germans after WWII. The decision to dissolve the Iraqi army (matrix) has resulted in evils beyond comprehension that plague us to this day. That is what “simple concepts” or “simple solutions” result in.


    1. WOW,…maybe smoking a bowl might help in this case, but only if it causes you to put the kaleidoscope down and listen.
      It is difficult for me to follow what you are talking about. You use so many complex-equivalences with contradictary presuppositions that its like a texas twister and I would rather just duck and take cover. You could do better if you would do an Gaussian elimination on your own confusing matrix. Does that advice help you, probably not. My abyss statement was a parody and amalgam of how you come across to me. That didn’t help either. I could very well be wasting my time again in addressing this.

      The matrix can represent anything, but in this example it refers to the cult-mind of armstrongism. Thinking for yourself and acting in your own best interests is NOT allowed or encouraged in armstrongism. If the sytem detects independence of armstrongism, the system alarm will be triggered and agents dispatched. The agents will either fix the short-circuit by reprogramming it and returning it the matrix, or dispose of it to be recycled with someone new who won’t cause disruptions of power. Family, friends, and loved ones can suddenly transform into an agent whose sole purpose is to protect the matrix. If you have not experienced this, then I’m envious of you. Escaping this matrix is possible but not untill you brake the insidious chains of armstrongism. Yes, you will be flushed from the system into a meager existance, but at last you will be free.


      1. Of course you can’t understand. That’s the way it is when there are fewer connections across the corpus callosum — self-contradictory statements which read like those emails we used to get that have random sentences all jumbled together. You can use this book as a reference. Remember that the brain waves may indicate a non human.

        The postings are an example of things that may sound right at first, but as you analyze them can’t possibly be true and certainly don’t make any sense. It is play time on the playground. Thanks to the Internet and particularly blogs, we can see more and more examples of such nonsense.

        And the guys ask a disturbing question.

  11. Douglas,

    Many have taken the time to educate me on interpunction, spelling, use of comma’s.
    Non (on the modern blogs) has taken, one of my many single short, contentions (that perhaps should go through the process of Gaussian ellimination) and pointed them out as contradictory, or worse, a lie. Hence perhaps the repeat of this process.

    To keep it short and simple. I cannot see where I am contradictory or what things cannot possibly be true on second reading. There you have it. A frank and clear admission.


    1. nck said:”A frank and clear admission.”

      So, you are admitting that you are inconsistent?
      I belive you are probably a troll. And I hope that you are a troll for your own sake because the alternative is much worse. Please note this will be my last round.

      nck said:”“There are no prophets as church (cog) – leaders so how can we be false prophets (re MOA)?”

      False prophets THINK that they are true prophets.

      nck said:”I see you are in a war against a fractured system. You notice the system is responding.”

      How is the system responding? and to whom?

      nck said:”When the government found itself in need of fighting local, disorganized disgruntled muslims. It framed them into organisations like Al qaida or Isil or whatever.Organisations that never existed on a local level in far away places, until someone framed them into such organisation.”

      Are you implying that the terrorists were not already organized and that they only became organized when the government became aware of them?

      nck said:”Later they all found themselves adopting the ways and symbols of said organisations, identifying themselves as proud members. Until another matrix offered another solution.”

      Who actually taught or trained “them”?
      How did the government do this?
      What matrix? And the solution?

      nck said:”I am part of the “services industry”…”

      Which part or role do you play in the service industry?

      nck said:”…giving girls a sense of freedom by making them smoke dried plant.”

      If they were forced to smoke, how does that give them ANY sense of freedom?

      nck said:”Making you part of the American dream by handing you a sugary brown drink, handing you Santa Clause in the thirties. Aiding you in the “pursuit of happiness” by providing the loan while buying the car.”

      How does a sweet beverage and their feelings about Santa Clause make you a part of the american dream?
      I thought money can’t buy happiness so how could a loan do it?

      nck said:”You are dealing with “unhappy customers.”

      What did “they” buy and how did they become unhappy?

      nck said:”I have to deal with millions of “happy consumers.”

      What did they buy from you that made them so happy?

      nck said:”Meaning what it means.”

      LOL, you seem like a borderline with that attitude, “Go ahead and tell me what you want to say, and I will let you know what you said.”

      Remember, Douglas Becker was using the movie as a metaphor. And if there can only be one matrix, then it would be the Meta-Matrix. The matrix of matrices.

      If anybody wants to experience encroaching insanity, read “Knots” by R.D. Laing


  12. drive-by-philosopher,

    Well said. I have been dealing with these people for seven years now and I really don’t have the patience in dealing with those with a limited capacity to express themselves. Its like watching the 60’s version of Batman when the Penguin, the Joker or even the Riddler who speak in terms that give rise to the idea that they are with a sense of humor causes doubt as to their rational thought.

    Twice now in these years as Editor, I had to track down individuals that displayed erratic behavior that was threatening the lives of family members or others. These individuals were reported to the police in their respective areas and apprehended. Would they have killed their family? Hell, who knows.

    Rational people speak rationally. It is called dialog. If they cannot behave in such a manner they are eliminated. Get the picture ‘Nck’?

  13. In Life Code Dr. Phil advises that the policy of giving people the benefit of the doubt is a bad strategy. Instead of doing that, we should be in the position of requiring people to prove themselves.

    There may have been a time that we could universally ascribe good intentions to those who saw things differently, but these days, it’s totally naive.

    There are far too many people out there playing games for their own amusement testing just how far they can go before toleration no longer is an option for their victims. They will say strange weird things which seem to be interesting and useful counterpoints at first until you finally realize that it’s narcissism and it’s all about them — they don’t really have anything useful to add to conversations and want to create chaos.

    It’s a rather antisocial position to take and such people need to be called on it.

    And then cut off.

  14. Time to vote! Are we unanimous on this now???


    Notice of intention to cease and desist from reading and responding to any and all posts by nck. Total waste of time!


  15. ‘Time to vote! Are we unanimous on this now???


    Let Nck respond and then he will decide the course of action by his actions.

  16. I think our friend “nck” here views the world in terms of conspiracies. And it seems he is unduly bothered by the fact he works in an economy in which producers manufacture the consent to purchase their products just as much as they manufacture the products themselves, for example:

    In the twenties giving girls a sense of freedom by making them smoke dried plant

    is a reference to Edward Bernays’, nephew of Sigmund Freud, father of PR, who in 1929 was hired by George Hill, president of the American Tobacco Company, to break the societal taboo against women smoking in public. Hill reasoned that this taboo was cutting his potential consumer base in half. Bernays persuaded a group of debutantes to march in the New York City Easter parade while secretly carrying cigarettes, and at his signal, were to light them up. He then told the press (as his wife was the daughter of the publisher of the NY Times) that a group of “suffragettes” were preparing to “protest” this taboo that infringed upon their rights by smoking what they called “Torches of Freedom” right in the middle of the parade. On his signal, the “protesters” lit their cigarettes in front of the awaiting press. The story was covered by the Times, and hit the newswires which carried the story around the world, and as a result of this symbolic act and the ensuing debate, sales of cigarettes to women began to steadily rise, and the taboo was broken. What Bernays had done was associated for women the idea of smoking with independence, power, and freedom, nevermind that it was completely irrational to conclude that smoking made women any more free. But Bernays already had a decade of stunning success under his belt by this time at convincing people to behave irrationally by associating his client’s products with people’s inner feelings and desires, and was already one of the richest and most eminent people in New York. During the Depression Bernays worked with the investment banks and his industrial clients to map out the way forward after the depression was over, and part of that was the 1939 New York World’s Fair, where his clients would all have prominent exhibits that directed their potential customers to look to the future. During the 1960’s Bernays was hired by the United Fruit Company (Chiquita) and the CIA to use deception to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Guatemala who was threatening to nationalize United Fruit’s banana plantations due to it’s unfair business practices.

    Although, why ol’ st. “nck” couldn’t have simply said so, and not been even more obstructionist by calling cigarettes “dried plant,” for example, is beyond me.

    Yes, “nck,” it’s true, the economy is more-or-less one big conspiracy. And you were expecting? I don’t remember, are you the one who is also busy selling the unevidenced story of HWA being an operative for the CIA?

  17. I got a kick out of the comment regarding an advertising campaign targeting women, promoting the achievement of a sense of freedom via the smoking of dead plants, effectively breaking a taboo. When I first read it, I have to admit that tobacco was not the first “plant” that came to mind. The ladies of the late ’60s and early ’70s didn’t seem to need a persuasive advertising campaign from Bernays to break a slightly different taboo. Simple word of mouth set that ship assail.


  18. I have been asked to be short and concise.
    The working man will understand my brevity on the Q&A.

    Q: “So, you are admitting that you are inconsistent?”
    A: Are you blind?

    I said:
    “I cannot see where I am contradictory or what things cannot possibly be true on second reading.” In other words. I don’t understand you guys.

    Q: Are you implying that the terrorists were not already organized and that they only became organized when the government became aware of them?
    A: I will answer that shortly.

    Q: nck said:”“There are no prophets as church (cog) – leaders so how can we be false prophets (re MOA)?”
    False prophets THINK that they are true prophets.
    A: False on both accounts.

    I hate to quote from “mystery of the ages.” But here it goes. HWA makes it abundantly clear that in new testament times prophets would not lead the church. So he didn’t even think that he was a prophet.

    Now re-read what I said in regards to Ritenbaugh and HWA. Both Ritenbaugh’s and HWA’s statements are what I refer to as framing. By framing the problem in the way hwa did he excludes the possibility that he was a “false prophet.” Whereas I give the example that the right questions have not been asked. The questions have been framed, politicians do that every day during interviews.

    The real question to be asked is, “What are the requirement for a false prophet”!! And does one fit the requirements.

    Can I stay now?

    Q: Industry questions.
    A: Well. I feel they have been sufficiently anwered by Danny.

    I only wonder if he has come through this knowledge by accident. Or by the ways and means I have been asking all the time. That is, type in the keywords in the “big machine from mountain view”, and do your personal research. Don’t believe me brethren, believe your own research, if such topic is of interest to you.

    Danny, thank you.
    By providing the exegis on the “dried plants” it is beyond me that you did not continue to explain the tapping into “the American dream” by the “we want to teach the world to sing” campaign by said “sugary drink.” Are you unsure? Your research is excellent my friend, And I have alluded to that research many times. Even James acknowledged Bernays lately.

    I doubt people have taken James’s extended hand on that research lately, although it provided an excellent expose of what I do. I sit with many people and discuss what you don’t yet know will be some of your actions in the future. There you have it.

    I NEVER used the word conspiracy because of it’s negative connotations. The fact that you do not yet know what we discuss today is because first indeed your consent has to be manufactured in some way. Most are looking forward to the Super Bowl intermission are they not?

    And this goes as far as the color of the clothes you’re wearing.
    Even if you feel you are vintage and unique.
    Our predecessors have decided on that color before you did.
    Then you build sufficient base. And the followers will look at the base and want, no need to be part of it. Next summer it’s another color.

    Now Danny. In your explanation to our mutual friends here you mentioned the 1939 New York Fair.
    Why on this board entertaining people, with mutual experience in a certain church matrix, did you not mention the name and theme of said Fair. : “The World of Tomorrow.” Are we not to enlighten our friends and be obstructionists?

    Q: I thought money can’t buy happiness so how could a loan do it?
    A: To manufacture consent with the masses. The masters of PR have transformed or manufactured “the pursuit of happiness” into the pursuit of consumer goods, on purpose and delibaretely.

    I leave it up to you to decide if that is a good or a bad thing.
    “Psychopaths” don’t deal in good and bad, only in facts. LOL LOL (that is a joke)

    Q: Selling HWA as an operative?
    A: No. Even after repetive stating that HWA was not clever enough and that no direct connection between hwa and cia exist it is one single person who continually tries to frame me into the world of conspiracy and cia. The entire focus on hwa on this subject is wrong. I only stated the things he did. And even those are denied. Is that my problem?

    Danny thanks for clearing the “dried plant” question. Even after your explanation, the workings of the world are denied. Still a belief in “word of mouth”. I’m fine with that. I did my research on the people pushing the opium in China in the 19th century. The wealth garnered by that enterprise produced three US presidents and almost a third one.
    Is that a conspiracy? No, it is just an acknowledgement of the working of the world and the way “awe” is manufactured by connecting to our common psychological, irrational needs.

    I really don’t care if “the committee” decides to erase all of my posting and cut me out of their matrix. I said that before. I’m not here to gain.

    Perhaps though some may feel provoked to research on their own, if they find anything interesting in what I say, and perhaps even feel inclined to enlighten. I have even offered to provide answers if good questions were asked. Again. Danny did an excellent job for a starter.

    Ah, for those who could bear the previous musings I have one more question to answer to DBP.
    In no way I will attempt to be exhaustive in this answer. Rather brief.

    As I implored, do your own research if interested in the subject of terror.

    Howeve,r I will give you something from the University of California Santa Barbera.
    It’s about framing and how the opinion of the general public is manufactured to understand complicated matters. It is a quick read for the understanding mind.

    Especially pages 17 – 20. Read page 20. And the Hulsse and Spencer work.

    It’s just someting I found very quickly. I have no time or inclination to reference everything I state, Nor do I have time to look up all academic studies explaining what can easily be found on the “mountain view matrix” if you have the interest and stamina.

    If the committee finds me guilty as charged, I bid you farewell from the abyss.
    Otherwise I stand at your service.


  19. Wow,

    After all the “psychopath” accusations, I feel at liberty to share an observation on some of you myself. I came to the sudden realisation of a lesson my mother told me.

    She said “People are likely to be guilty of what they accuse you of themselves.”

    I am just nck or st nck that’s even more accurate.
    Will you than be DB and BO and perhaps even more?

    Anyway thanks for the Occam’s Razor feedback.

    1. I am reminded of a unique experience me and my wife shared one evening not to long ago. We had just enjoyed a wonderfully long and relaxing dinner at The Raging Bull, a restuarant that has fallen into a state of disrepair but that didn’t stop the food from being just as good as it had been before. Now the parking lot was mostly empty as we were walking back to our car and my wife commented that she now knows why I decided to park farther away. I had parked our car near a streetlamp. It was only twice as far but I knew it would be rather dark by the time we left. As she was commenting me on my foresight, I noticed a stranger near the streetlamp near our car. He seemed to be pacing back and forth. As we got closer to our car, I could begin to tell that he was an older gentleman. My wife had not noticed this stranger yet. She was still commenting me on my foresight, maybe that was why she had not noticed this stranger yet. I had to interrupt her praise to point this out to her. It was then, that my wife noticed that this person didn’t come from where we just left. The restuarant wasn’t busy at all this evening. She tells me “I don’t remember him from being in the restuarant.” This peaked my interest. Now I’m thinking to myself, “I need to be prepared for some trouble that might be coming our way”. As we we were getting into the car, it was my wife this time that pointed out to me something that I had missed. Personally I was feeling uncomfortable and wanted to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. But she persisted, “Babe, I think he’s only looking for something he lost”. Begrudgingly, I more so than her, get out of the car and ask him “What’s wrong? Can we help?”. “You are too kind!” he says. “I’ve lost my car keys! and now I’m looking for ’em”. I say, “HAha, we thought you were a carjacker!” “What?! no..I’m just still searchin for my keys.” “Well then, we will help you find them, three pairs of eyes are always better than one”. The gentleman responds,”You would?, again you are all to kind”. “Know problem” i say. We all begin to look, and look, and look again. My wife notices a little path that led a little way off the sidewalk past the streetlamp. “Sir, did you walk down that part of the trail?” He says, “No, it was too dark that way”. I notice that there are a few cars nearby that have some dark shadows which were cast by the streetlamp. I begin to look there. The old gentleman says, “Not there!” I ask “Which of these cars would be yours? because maybe you dropped them when you were getting out of your car?”
      He says, “None of them!”
      I say, “Well, where did you park your car?”
      He says, “In the other parking lot”
      I ask, “Why are you looking for your keys here?”
      He responds, “Because the light is much better over here, you dumbass!”


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