Meredith Dead

June 21, 1930 – May 18, 2017

Roderick Meredith, Living Church of God chief honcho died yesterday. He was 86 year old.

Possessing the skill of persuasion and following in the steps of his mentor Herbert W. Armstrong, Meredith spent his career promoted HWA’s fallacies on television, in sermons, and magazine articles. For decades, his fear mongering and pronouncement of events that never materialized, gave him a reputation of being a false prophet.

Never having repented from his crimes against God and mankind, we anticipate that Rod’s next waking moment will find him roasting in the lake of fire he so rightfully deserves.

Meredith was know to treat people as pawns, to be used and manipulated for his own selfish purposes. The results of this behavior would soon bear fruit in his Brookfield, Wisconsin congregation.

In March 2005, his Living Church of God (LCD) was thrust into the international spotlight when LCG member Terry Ratzmann took his gun and shot members of his LCG congregation during a Brookfield, Wisconsin church service. It was reported that Terry had been infuriated by a sermon the minister had given two weeks earlier. He killed Pastor Randy Gregory, the Pastor’s teenage son James and shot at others including the Pastor’s wife, but she and others managed to survive. Ratzmann committed suicide.

Many of those who attended services in the Living Church of God at one time or another have discreetly mentioned that Meredith spoke about homosexuality often. His obsession with homosexuality over the years invoked some to wonder if he had such suppressed inclinations. While we can never know for sure, one thing we can know with certainty. The world is a far better place without him.

Dead from cancer.

8 Replies to “Meredith Dead”

  1. It’d really be nice if somehow this event triggered a chain which ended in the demise of Armstrongism. At least that would address the evils of our own personal hell. We know there are other parallel groups, and may they also find a quiet death!


  2. Of the WCG honchos I’ve met, Dr Meredith was the highest up the greasy pole. I remember when he spoke at the FOT, and did a little “gay dance” that amused the masses. He was upset because his son bought a pair of pants with no back pockets.
    I stood in a short line to meet him, and when we shook hands, I couldn’t let go — that probably made him very nervous.

    So far, no response from his wayward son, Bob Thiel…

  3. When Meredith started Global, Flurry was scared of Meredith drawing away a lot of PCG people. Didn’t happen though because Gerald was a good brainwasher. One of his tricks was to immediately label Meredith a Laodicean. What else could he say?

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