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  1. As this video demonstrates, the European Economic Union does not have the support it needs to continue on any sort of healthy progressive path: The weaknesses are becoming manifest. Germany continues to want to take over the world, but Poland and the Eastern European block doesn’t trust the EEU and are looking to form other associations.

    The narrative of Herbert Armstrong with British Israelism involving Europe is continuing to erode. It just isn’t reality. Britain wasn’t supposed to be in the EEU according to the Armstrong branding but BREXIT is going to have an impact.

    We all wonder how long the Armstrongists are going to hold on to the insane scenarios that Herbert Armstrong promoted with his false prophecies. They seem to think that he was a guru / god who knew everything (important) and could never be wrong.

    It’s time they looked at reality and stopped wasting their lives for a dead false prophet who has left morons to carry on his daft legacy of distorted perceptions and delusion.

  2. Merkel is doing what Hitler could not. But the key to their undoing is how they structured member countries debt. The EURO will fail and the union shall cease. Following that, the EU countries will war with each other over resources.

    More on this another time.

  3. Tari is both intelligent and articulate, and I got a laugh out of the product positioning with the Red Bull. He certainly has a pallette of well-defined opinions regarding the current state of Europe, possible scenarios for the future now factoring in the influences of both Brexit and Donald Trump, and the feasibility of globalism as an antidote to Earth’s existential problems.

    Without any obvious or acknowledged familiarity with the Armstrong prophecy mold, the speaker manages to dismantle and rebut all of HWA’s unrequited prophecies for Europe which we xCOGgers have watched fail for the past forty-five amusing years. Probably the chief value of this video to me personally though is that it has stimulated a deeper curiosity. At one time, I knew and regularly interacted with some grad students who were deeply enmeshed in international geopolitics, and who participated in collegiate debates and discussions on the current roles and future influences of specific nations, particularly the role of Israel. I’m interested in expanding upon this little 15 minute foray of Tari’s and listening in on the current offerings of the talking heads from the various think tanks, for a more complete picture.

    Now. Maybe we can get some really intelligent people in here to comment about black leather jackets and hair length!


  4. Styxhexenhammer666 is absolutely brilliant, and if you want to subscribe to his channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0rZoXAD5lxgBHMsjrGwWWQ) you will be rewarded with from 3 to 6 postings of news, commentaries and… the occult. He also has some works about herbs you can purchase on Amazon.com. The occult is not what you may think it is. He does explain Satanism and that is not what you think it is: Satanists don’t believe in Satan. They exist to show how stupid organized religion is and to provide an escape from organized religion. It’s more a parody than anything.

    There is a good explanation about his leather jackets — he had, shall we say, a medical incident when he was young and has problems with being cold.

    Concerning hair length, does not nature itself teach you that it is a shame to be a false prophet?

    He’s brilliant and generally on point. There is one major difference between him and Armstrongists: His prophecies have an eerie way of coming to pass.

    If you appreciate his videos, he does have a support page on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Styxhexenhammer666/posts

    Unlike other YouTubers, he only asks $1 per month from his patrons. That’s it. You can’t give any more than that. He’s not at all greedy.

    His life style is also quite moderate. Often he shows his garden, what’s growing there and how it’s doing.

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