Ian Boyne has been hospitalized

Update Dec. 7, 2017

DEPUTY chief executive officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Ian Boyne is out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the University Hospital of the West Indies and is “recuperating well” in the Tony Thwaites Wing, JIS said in a release yesterday.


Boyne was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after falling ill.

“I am deeply touched by the outpouring of love from all sectors of the society,” Boyne is quoted as saying in the release, as he was updated on the concern expressed by Jamaicans at home and abroad on social media and through calls to JIS and radio stations.

The release said he was told that churches everywhere were in prayer for his recovery.

“I am grateful to God. I am a miracle,” he added as he reflected on the frightening experience.

Boyne stated that he has been seeing his doctors regularly and paying attention to his diet and exercise routine, and encourages everyone to do the same, the release said.

“And I am deeply moved to know that I am loved and appreciated by my colleagues, especially at JIS and in the media. Tell them I shall be back and doing more programmes and writing more articles in the near future with God’s help,” the veteran journalist said while asking the JIS to assure everyone that he is doing well.

Veteran journalist and deputy chief executive officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Ian Boyne was yesterday rushed to hospital following a heart attack and is in a medically induced coma, a member of his family has confirmed.

A source close to the Jamaica Observer reported that Boyne, in his 60s, suffered a cardiac event last year.

“The family appreciates the concern of the public and asks for your continued prayers,” a brief release from JIS said yesterday.

The highly respected and internationally acclaimed journalist whose career in all facets of media spans 30 years, is most known for his personality television series Profile — the longest running seasonal show on local television. It features successful and remarkable personalities, many of whom overcame significant hardships.

Profile celebrated 30 years this March, earning Boyne many accolades, including congratulations from Prime Minister Andrew Holness who said it was admirable that the programme, which represents “the power of good journalism”, was still on air when internationally, successful programmes rarely surpass 25 years.

Boyne, arguably a self-made success, published a book on the series in 2013 titled Profile of Excellence: Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement from 25 Years ofInterviewing Remarkable People‘, co-written with author and motivational speaker Glenford Smith. At the time it was published, Boyne had already done 1,300 interviews on Profile.

The launch ceremony at King’s House on April 10, 2013 was peppered with high profile Jamaicans including then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, and former prime ministers Edward Seaga and Bruce Golding.

Boyne is also popularly known for a weekly unorthodox television show ReligiousHardtalk, newspaper columns, and other writings. He has also published IdeasMatter, a compilation of some of his print media work.


The Painful Truth wishes Ian a speedy and full recovery. Best to you Ian!

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