Armstrongism Self Destructing

 I haven’t even tried to keep up with all the splinter groups that have spun off from the collapse of the WCG; the last count I heard was well over several hundred.  Each and every one of these groups apparently thinks that only it is carrying on in Herbie’s footsteps.  The largest of these groups probably numbers under 5000 members, scattered across how many continents, each struggling to put out some kind of publication, a few booklets, maybe a radio or TV program on half a dozen stations.  Each one is in competition with all the others, one even suing others over the publication rights to Herbert’s writings.

 And then, every year or so, one of those groups will self-destruct and splinter into even smaller congregations.  Some have fragmented down to as few members meeting in someones living room, yet they boldly declare that they are “carrying on” to get the gospel out.

 Is anything wrong with this picture?  Doesn’t this seem like an exercise in futility?

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