Christians, have you inherited the wind?

The Scopes Trial, formally known as The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes and commonly referred to as the Scopes Monkey Trial, was an American legal case in July 1925 in which a substitute high school teacher, John T. Scopes, was accused of violating Tennessee’s Butler Act, which had made it unlawful to teach human evolution in any state-funded school. The trial was deliberately staged in order to attract publicity to the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, where it was held. Scopes was unsure whether he had ever actually taught evolution, but he purposely incriminated himself so that the case could have a defendant.

Watching this today I was awe struck at the ignorance of men who deny the evidence of science and instead, embrace fairy tales from a book whom they have no idea how it came into being.

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The courthouse

State Representative John W. Butler, a Tennessee farmer and head of the World Christian Fundamentals Association, lobbied state legislatures to pass anti-evolution laws. He succeeded when the Butler Act was passed in Tennessee, on March 25, 1925. Butler later stated, “I didn’t know anything about evolution… I’d read in the papers that boys and girls were coming home from school and telling their fathers and mothers that the Bible was all nonsense.” Tennessee governor Austin Peay signed the law to gain support among rural legislators, but believed the law would neither be enforced nor interfere with education in Tennessee schools. William Jennings Bryan thanked Peay enthusiastically for the bill: “The Christian parents of the state owe you a debt of gratitude for saving their children from the poisonous influence of an unproven hypothesis.” Link

Cates (Dick York) is arrested in front of his class for teaching evolution

Fanaticism and Ignorance

Face off. The bible vs. Logic. (The argument of a ACOG Cult guru)

 The Sentence

The prophet gets his panties in a bunch

So if you wondering why the world is so screwed up, just know that man, through ignorance in his unfounded beliefs, brings this onto all who dwell on this rock we call earth.

Since 1960 when this film was made, much progress has been made dispelling the Christian biblical creation story. But the ignorance of those who take the bible (or any other so called holy book) in a literal sense, continues to spark debate and warfare to this day.

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