Church of God International gives advice on Pedophilia

The Church of God International has a video up entitled:

Pedophilia Revisited

Pedophilia Revisited: Still Growing! from Church of God, International on Vimeo.

“Sadly, pedophile scandals continue to emerge throughout the world month after month, while the Mainstream Media (MSM) continues to ignore the global size and scope of this aberrant satanic depravity that grips the world. Enormous amount of scandals continue to grow involving the powerful, rich and elite of our societies. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to cover the many instances of this worldwide sexual exploitation that is often organized by the very same people that have immense influence on our culture.”

We would suggest that they mention their founders father had a problem with pedophilia. Of course you will never hear them talk about Herbert Armstrong’s sexual crimes against his daughter, but they are qualified to give advice when speaking about others involvement in such horrible crimes.

Don’t forget to read the comments on the church’s blog. The readers call such a crime “demonic influence.” Interesting that they don’t see the hypocritical irony.

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