Tripping on Shrooms Towards the Apocalypse

The Book of  Revelation is a standout amongst the least comprehended parts of the entire Bible. (Pictured above is Amanita muscaria.) 

The hypothesis is that the entire book of Revelations could be a chronicle of a long ago hallucinogenic mushroom trip. We would not present such a hypothesis if it were not for two things.

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To begin with, there is a demonstrated connection between utilization of hallucinogenic psychedelics  and religious experiences.

Second, the brains of individuals experiencing intense religious feelings look exceptionally similar to those leaving on an epic Pink Floyd– style trip. (1)

There are some researchers who presume religious feelings and hallucinations might be inseparably laced in our minds. Add that to ritual drug use in many religions and cults crosswise over history—from Hinduism to Islam to Mayan religions, the possibility that the book of Revelations was motivated by hallucinogenics starts to sound in any event to some degree conceivable. (2) There’s even a school of thought which expresses that all religions emerged as the aftereffect of ritual drug use.

Check out the links in this short article to learn more.

(1) See “Loma’s dream” for a view on epilepsy and religious experiences.

(2) The Christian Pastor Who Uses Magic Mushrooms to Connect With God

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