Quiz #1

Welcome to our first quiz which is designed to test your thought process. There are 9 questions in all. Feel free to share your score with us by commenting below.

(This quiz is not mean’t to be scientific in any way, shape or form.)

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#1. A Christian couple has just returned from their fiftieth anniversary celebration, when suddenly the husband falls to the ground, clutching his chest. Assuming the wife would want to try to save his life, what is the most proper course of action the wife could take?

#2. This question is about the women who discovered the empty tomb of Jesus. On discovery of the empty tomb, which answer below is the most likely scenario? ? This story has many contradictions within scripture. Choose the most likely answer

#3. The editor of the Painful Truth most likely will enter into the afterlife…..

Really? Is that your answer?


#4. Are there other churches who believe they are the only one true religion and one true church?

#5. What is the number of children born without arms or legs that have been miraculously restored by prayer?

#6. You are the Creator of the universe. Your chosen people are a tribe of nomadic herdsmen, currently held in bondage by a rogue ruler. Keep in mind that you possess infinite power and infinite love. Your best course of action would be to:

#7. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the believer always looks to the Bible as a guide. In this example, your teenage son has a habit of getting drunk and striking you. What should you do? ? Think this through carefully

#8. Jesus was God, and God knows all things, including all the medical knowledge that will ever be known. Why did Jesus blame demons for the case of epilepsy he cured?

#9. Your son-in-law, returns from his honeymoon and has told you he suspects your daughter was not a virgin on their wedding night. Using the bible as a guide, you should…

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