Bob Thiel Fails

Church of God news reports that Bob Thiels family business has had problems with some of his African pastors who lack integrity. Also, problems in Mexico.

Is Bob being scammed?


Continuing Church of God
Bob Thiel writes, August 29th:

“In 2013, we actually had two leaders in Kenya with the same first and last name (but from different towns). The first one turned out to be a complete fraud, while the other one was not. The first leader we started to work with in Malawi, while not a complete fraud, had severe integrity issues, so we stopped working with him. As it turned out, in time, we ended up with many more times the number of congregants in both Kenya and Malawi than those leaders with integrity problems claimed to have.

Recently, I am saddened to say, we became aware of an integrity problem with a leader in Mexico (Ismael Jimenez). So I investigated this by checking with multiple sources. Furthermore, I and a minister from another COG group gave him opportunities to repent and ‘come clean’ so to speak, but as of yet he has not truly done so. So, the CCOG has had to drop affiliation with him, and we hope and pray that he repents. We also pray that those who had fellowship with him will one day see the truth about this and again wish to support the work of the Philadelphian remnant.

Working on this matter took up inordinate amounts of time, and more time looks to be required.”

6 Replies to “Bob Thiel Fails”

  1. It is amazing to me, considering all that we know about him, that Bob Thiel would imagine that people of integrity would actually be attracted to him in the first place, let alone remain with him long-term. Diploma mill degrees? Go in for annointing for fatigue and a cold coming on, and leave the annointing room as a prophet? Yep. Just the kind of man to whom people of integrity would be attracted.


  2. I followed the link, and noticed some distinctly African names amongst the queue. Wonder if that is the connection by which Bob’s African work began!


  3. Amazing! Good luck on your studies. You’ll be able to tell us firsthand about some of the specifics of the curriculum, like the instructions for hanging pictures and arranging book cases, utilization of effective hand-gesturing, and how to create ADHD sermons that cover dozens of topics in 90 minutes.


  4. “…like the instructions for hanging pictures and arranging book cases,…”

    They didn’t send a carpenter level with the digital books so I might have crooked bookcases also.

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