What in the World?!

The following is from AR-10…

Before Garner Ted Armstrong was banished from the WCG there were some in the church who felt once he was gone, the WCG would somehow be morally purified. But now, many are complaining to us that this has not happened. For instance, one headquarters minister we know has tape recorded his conversations with members about their sex lives. He even has typed transcripts on file. Why this is necessary we don’t know.

Another headquarters minister collects pornographic photographs. This was thoroughly investigated by the Report and through an unusual set of circumstances we were actually able to see some of his extensive collection. It includes obscene photos of naked women – some were of church women whose faces we recognized – and naked men and young boys in homosexual-type poses. We can only wonder how this minister, known for his conservative moral views, obtained photos of naked women who attend his church. We can also only wonder what his interest is in photos of naked boys.

Homosexuality is, of course, not a rare thing in this world. Yet we were somewhat surprised when a Christian man wrote to us recently saying that his local WCG ministers gave a sex questionnaire to his congregation’s teenagers (boys and girls, aged 12 to 19). Among the questions was one which asked if the youngsters wanted to hear about homosexuality. The man who wrote us, believing that the subject of sex is best confined to the home, has since left the WCG in disgust.

The Weirdos

While on the subject of aberrations, we would like to comment on a remarkable phenomenon occurring with increased regularity. The WCG has always had its “colorful” characters. Yet during the last year or so it seem it has attracted a disproportionate number of individuals who can, at best, be described as coming from society’s lunatic fringe. This is not to imply that the WCG intentionally desires this. Indeed, HWA would, himself, undoubtedly be pn the warpath if he knew fully about the situation. But still, one can only wonder about some of “the crazies” loose at headquarters.

For instance, there is hardly a week that goes by that some WCG member or employee doesn’t call us saying he or she has found some fanatical flyer, letter, or pamphlet on his desk at work or in his mailbox. These seem to come from a variety of individuals, committees, and groups with different axes to grind.

Some are pro-Ted and anti-Rader. Some are pro-HWA and anti-Rader. Some are pro-Rader/HWA and anti-Ted, and on and on they go. Most, unfortunately, have one thing in common; they are anonymous. Perhaps some fear they will be fired if they reveal their authorship. More likely the author(s) have enough sense left to realize they will be netted and institutionalized, if detected.

One strange flyer was signed by a group calling itself “Masturbators Anonymous.” The (satirical?) headline read, “Masturbating Your Way to Radiant Health.” (The flyer claimed to be an advertisement for a publication with that title.) The flyer began “As we all know, there are seven laws to radiant health, a good sex life, being one of those divine, immutable laws. But you can’t experience a scintillating sex life without understanding the plain truth about masturbation!!” The flyer then goes on to discuss the publication’s contents: “Did God create masturbation for man – not the animals? Why don’t animals have hands?… Were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed for masturbating on the sabbath? Can you masturbate with a bad attitude and still be blessed on the sabbath? If it can be shown from the Bible that masturbation is not work but pleasure, then is it OK to do it on Saturday?” (PT editors note: Someone ask James Malm!)

Then there were two ads which appeared in the June 8 Pasadena Star-News:

“Personal to the Worldwide Church of God: The prophets of old could have more than one wife. If it was not adultery then, why is it adultery now? God does not change… or does he?
[signed] The desire of women, 666.”

“To the Worldwide Church of God: The beast is HERE which has two horns like a lamb and speaks like a dragon. Who can know the secret of the image but the god that women love?”

If any of our readers can make sense out of any of this, please tell us. We certainly can’t figure it out.

You can read more of this at https://hwarmstrong.com/ambassadorreport/page/84/

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