L.A. Times : Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine’

The press has woken up that they fact that they are committing financial suicide and assisting in the destruction of the economy, for they themselves loosing advertising income.

It seems the press has shit in their lunch bucket.

The good news is that Italy’s slowdown in new cases, suggests the outbreak may be peeking.

Italy leads the death rate in the world at 5% due to the high population of elderly people.

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2 Replies to “L.A. Times : Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine’”

  1. This is impressive. I certainly hope it becomes reality, because the devastation the economy has already undergone will take many years to recover.

    Back when President Obama was building the Affordable Care Act, many of us thought that adding a trillion dollars to the budget (which was in effect adding it to the national debt) would be suicidal to the economy. Now we see a two trillion dollar relief package being debated, and Rand Paul is down with the coronavirus!

    Most of the so called emergencies that are presented to us, I sluff off. This one, for some reason, I took seriously. For years there was scary talk of what avian flu would do if it ever crossed over into the human population. When I learned that the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic was also a corona virus (H1N1), I just didn’t like the uneasy feeling I was getting.

    Guess we’ll see!

  2. One thing about viruses, they mutate. That could be good or bad. It is what drives human evolution.

    To quote Ralph Haulk “Religions, like viruses, will select strategies that allow them to live as parasites, only affecting behavior to the degree that it maximizes reproduction, while minimizing the possibility of the death of its host. In this sense, church and state are alike. Government and religion takes as much as it can safely take from you while allowing you enough to survive re-productively as an individual for the greater good.”

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