Ralph Haulk: Sabbath Doctrine Conditions Members for Agnosticism

I was listening to YouTube videos of Dale Ratzlaff, who is like the Seventh Day Adventist version of Ernest Martin. Ratzlaff shows why sabbath day observance is not necessary…

He made a point which you, James, and I learned long ago. SDA doctrine conditions members for agnosticism, and 300,000 members leave it regularly. The same principle in smaller numbers has applied to our old WCG, Jehovah’s witness, and most all extreme religions.

Seems to be a general principle: the more intensely one seeks God through human mediators, the more likely one is to become agnostic or atheist.

If we look at this from a “God perspective”, it would make general religious assumptions absurd.
God is not seeking everyone to “choose Christ” in order to be saved, since the greater the intensity to pursue God as truth, the greater likelihood of walking away from human concepts altogether.

The conclusion, if one retains any logical concept of God, is that God, like the Marines, is seeking a “few good men” whose choices set them apart from the average.

However, whether there is or is not a God, a search for truth would inevitably lead dedicated individuals to individual liberty.
Whether there is God or truth, you end up with a small number pursuing the final destination.

But with Godel’s theorem, we know that no human concept can ever capture all truth in one package. If one seeks God as truth,one is compelled to realize that God and truth must be pursued from a position of individual freedom.

By Ralph Haulk


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