Comparing the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to the 1918 Spanish flu

Found a interesting article about the virus that is now spreading throughout the world. There is a lot of conflicting information out there so who knows. We will have to wait until the dust settles.

“In a climate of international conflict and turmoil, a disease begins to spread across the globe. It hits the United States on the way to becoming a worldwide pandemic. While most infected survive, the fatality rate is well above that of an ordinary flu. Eventually, one in three humans on earth is infected. At least 17 million people, and maybe as many as 100 million, perish.”

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  1. The drug chloroquine that some of the doctors are using to clear this virus is synthetically made. It is based on a genus of plants called Artemisia. (cinchona alkaloids (like Peruvian Bark) and ginghaosu)
    Common names for various species in the genus include mugwort, wormwood (A. absinthium), and sagebrush.These are Alkaline’s.

    On edit I add this: Chloroguine
    and a article by Zero Hedge, Escobar: Why Is France Hiding A Cheap And Tested Virus Cure?
    Sad . This becomes political. Someday the politicians will pay the ultimate price for these games.

  2. Good research, and great material. I think most of the people on our regular sites are now taking this seriously and taking proper precautions. I can’t believe Jerry Falwell Jr. As many people as look to him, and he’s basically treating it as if it is a hoax, when even the president has reconsidered his first impressions!


    1. I researched where these drugs were sourced from. I was shocked or should I say surprised that the source was wormwood. A herb I take almost daily. I initially took this herb 2 decades ago as it helped with depression. Those were the wcg days. I started again in 2018 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. It reduced the tumor in 5 weeks by 2 thirds. Then I had surgery as the odds where at 95% cure, but if some cancer cells were floating around this stuff kills them.

      And yes, all backed by government research. The funny thing about government research is that there are so many promising herbs out there but they ALWAYS state “more research needed” and that never takes place. How can you patent a common plant?

  3. Dayamm! I didn’t know this James. Hope you have recovered, and live a long, healthy life!

    I take Echinacea every fall and winter, and it gets me through cold and flu season. There are many people on our regular sites who believe that vitamins and supplements are valueless. I know by personal experience that they are dead wrong, but generally don’t confront them. You can bet that I’ll be checking out wormwood!

    Be well!

    1. Yes, I have recovered and spend a great deal of time working out in the gym. Well I did until 2 weeks ago when I got sick with the same thing I had back in the September/October of last year. Found my self losing breath working out. Woke up 2 days later and I could not breath. No other symptoms. It is possible I caught this virus late last year and got reinfected here a few weeks ago. Never was tested. The doctor prescribed Prednisone and the antibiotic they use for this virus. I had him prescribe a Symbicort inhaler which opened up my breathing passages within 15 minutes. I have had experience with this inhaler some years ago when I was working in a moldy environment. When I discovered the cause I retired.

      What we are seeing now I believe is the second wave of the virus and not the first. There should be one more before this burns out.

  4. Bob,

    One more thing. People will believe what they want. That is not a bad thing unless you are one who lacks curiosity and never do intensive research. You become your own worse enemy.

    Start your research on herbs and other medicines at this link:

    Then study what the Chinese, native American, etc did for themselves back in the day. I have discovered and used many herbs and even grew a specialty bacteria to treat myself.

  5. I can attest to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I had a tumour, which thankfully only turned out to be a cyst, removed last winter. So, I used a Yin Jing tonic and a all-around supertonic to help recover from surgery and it also seems to have helped restore my energy. Now I’m taking duanwood reishi, cordyceps, and di tao to help build my immune system up for this pandemic.
    Stay well. I think April is going to be a helluva month!

  6. “Stay well. I think April is going to be a helluva month!”

    In more than one way. This ‘lockdown’ drives me crazy. Tried to take a walk yesterday and then the rain pours down. Try again, the rain returns. Maybe today….or watch re-runs of this old house.

  7. I upgraded the front brakes on my car with cop quality pads and rotors on Wednesday. Am also growing in prowess on my guitar with 2-3 hours of practice every day. I may replace the cylinder heads and rocker boxes on my Harley next week. Because I service businesses which are designated essential, there were also two service calls this past week. But, then again, I haven’t been on a vacation since the mid ’90s.

    I can’t imagine how this lockdown would have been had it occurred during some of my marriages! I’d just bet that there will be a bumper crop of divorces just as soon as people are free to meet with their attorneys. Probably a lot of teenagers running away, too!


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