Prophet Farm

Animal farm
Prophet farm

Herbert Armstrong, the old boar on the Pasadena Farm, summons the animals (membership) on the farm together for a meeting to establish “a complete system of thought” (Animalism) for the membership.


Herbert teaches the animals (membership) a revolutionary song called “To Me You Lift Your Soul”. For years the old boar controls a highly successful collective capable of accumulating millions of dollars a year.

When the old boar (HWA) dies, two young pigs, Joe Sr. and Mike, assume command and consider it a duty to prepare for the rebellion. The animals revolt and purge the teaching’s of the drunken and irresponsible Herbert Armstrong from the farm, later to rename it “Grace Communion”. They adopt the Ten Commandments of Animalism, (“a complete system of thought”) the most important of which is, “All animals are equal.” Except some animals are more equal than others.

While Mike teaches the animals to read and write, Joe Sr. educated the young puppies on the principles of Animalism (“a complete system of thought”). Food is plentiful, and the farm runs smoothly.

Back in the day when Joe Sr. announced his plans to build on the new covenant, Rod and his dogs purged Joe Sr. from their lives and subsequently declares themselves as leaders of a ‘new’ Animal Farm, (“a complete system of thought”) to carry on the work of the old boar, Herbert Armstrong.

Rod and his dogs enacts changes to the governance structure of the new farm, replacing meetings with a committee of pigs who will rubber stamp everything and conform the old ‘new thought’© previously taught by the old boars successor with ‘new thought’© as taught by the new boar. The animals on this farm are driven to work harder with the promise of easier lives with the old covenant that the first old boar taught.

In time, Rod’s Global farm collapse’s because of the committee of pigs, Rod convince the animals that the committee sabotaged him and starts out to form another farm with his dogs. “To Me You Lift Your Soul” is replaced by another anthem glorifying his power of control over the animals. He appears to be adopting the lifestyle of the old boar in whom he despised. He grows in power and arrogance, standing in contempt of the pigs of his own farm. The very pigs who feed him from the trough of their wealth.

Years pass, and the pigs start to resemble Jews. The Ten Commandments are abridged to a single phrase: “OBEY TORAH!” Not known to the false prophet Rod, is that a new rebellion is in the works. One that will tear the farm apart and change ownership from one pig to another.

Meanwhile Joe Jr. who came into power when Joe Sr. went to the great beyond, holds a dinner party with his pigs with whom he celebrates a new alliance under a new covenant. He finishes the task of abolishing the traditions and practices of the old boar and continues to build his ‘new’ collective which every teaching seems new ‘under the sun’.

What the people of both covenants don’t seem to understand is that both systems are corrupt and rob them of self determination. For the purpose of control over the memberships wallet, evil men re-create the destiny of lazy people with stories from the bronze age of humanity.
It has been said that a life consists of time. And it takes time out of your personal life to create money as you are employed. You would think that those of Armstrongism would look into these stories they are told from a view point that does not rely on fables and myths. That would be their best investment. Relief from psychological and financial poverty.

Blast from the past

2 Replies to “Prophet Farm”

  1. Nearly everything we do in life is plotted against the different appropriate time cycles. Health, career, income, outgo, viable lifespan of ourselves and the physical things in our lives. HWA created a sense of urgency by convincing us that we were on a short, or abbreviated time span, and that only his passions counted in the greater scheme of things.

    The resulting animalism has proven very resilient. His followers have been rendered deaf, dumb, and blind. Those who left are somewhat better off, but still damaged to varying degrees. If life is a maze, Armstrongism is the mine field.


  2. In Ambassador Report #53 is Dave Pack’s list of over 100 changes in WCG doctrine and policy. Considering the plethora of COGs and the rate at which they reorganize and split, it seems odd that HWA’s death, the formation of the PCG, Global, and UCG stretched over about 9 years. While reasons have been given for the slow, staggered departure, but while your snout is still in the trough, there’s no rush.

    “Obey Torah”? I don’t think they even knew the Hebrew word, let alone what it required. Old and new Covenants? They didn’t understand them, just the cherry-picking of laws to hit members over the head with, in particular, the Sabbath (the “test” commandment) and Stealing (“Don’t rob God!”)

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