Putin’s Easter Address to Orthodox Christian in Russia

Russia and other Orthodox countries celebrate Easter a week later than Western Protestants and Catholics do.

Western Christians could only wish that their leaders would speak to their country this way.  Watching this video, it is obvious that there is no comparison between Putin and his counterparts.

2 Replies to “Putin’s Easter Address to Orthodox Christian in Russia”

  1. Seen this years ago. Putin is not a political tool/fool like his Amerikan counterparts.I do follow all his major speeches. Nothing like a view of your country from outside the box.

    Amerika is creating a incredible threat to world peace in pursuit of worldwide hegemony. In the end I believe the only way this will stop is a war between the USA and the Russia/China alliance. Perhaps it will take the 5th fleet laying on the bottom of the ocean, or a well placed nuke in Washington during a SOU speech???

    Who knows how this will turn out.

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