Fear of the End Times

It has served us well, this myth of Christ.
-Pope Leo X


If the story of the end times was ever to come true, the story finishes, and humanity proceed onward. However the story must proceed from generation to generation so as to live on in the minds of the people. This is the manner by which religion works to control the masses.

For a great many years, religion has utilized the dread of the “end times” to control the populous. What started as fables that recounted grim accounts of a terrible end to our world, has developed into a compulsive collective insanity over an supposed approaching darkness eloping over the fate of humanity.

As it is, most of humanity has developed in comprehension to a point where they understand that predictions of war, starvation, environmental disturbances, pandemics and formulations are schemes, and understands that these types of events have been, and will stay a component of the human experience.

At the end of the day – it isn’t hard to anticipate the future when you see how people think and how nature works. Any individual who comprehends the characteristics of the world, and the psychology of their fellow humans, can make a genuinely precise forecast of what will happen 5 or 10 years or longer. History repeats itself. Nature rehashes itself. Human behavior never changes. This is the repeating cycle of life within all generations. When a individual  comprehends the cycle, they are never aghast by the outcome.

The issue is, we are currently living among a variety of end times speculations and mythological tales that demand we accept that we are living within that time frame. Every generation since the beginnings of man believe they live in those predicted end times, the times the fables foretold of.

Significantly, it is the lack of cognitive recognition in which some believers are completely oblivious of the dangers within the time period wherein they actually live, but express a time in the future in which “the end” will come. Later generations will project a similar story onto each group of future devotees. The story consistently sustains itself as it must propagate itself so as to endure. This is how myths and fables propagate from generation to generation for millennium. This is how the church works and propagates.

At the point when you have a story that billions of individuals accept the premises of the story, that story becomes a truth. This doesn’t make the fable valid. This simply explains the intentional attempt to validate the story. Where as those unscrupulous individuals who promote these future predictions as a genuine work of God, it is those who are ignorant of this deviousness that keeps the hallucination alive by accepting it as genuine, and trusting the legitimacy of those who made it. This process not only functions within religion, it is standard operation in the sphere of politics.

If humanity is going to go by the wayside, it will be by our own hands, when we oppress, and crush each other in our hatred. That my friends is the true reality of the world.

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2 Replies to “Fear of the End Times”

  1. Have you seen that movie “Book of Eli”? It’s a post-apocalyptic adventure film where the “bad guy” seeks to control the people through the power of a certain book. Yes, I believe religion can be a weapon. The best propagandists can easily twist fiction and in fact any information including non-fiction, into that which will appeal to the emotional needs of the targeted group intstead of favoring a more rational response to that information. Where not facts, but feelings reign supreme. It is a whole lot easier to manipulate someone’s emotions than the truth, whatever that might be, which doesn’t seem to matter to most people anymore. Even lies and hypocrisy by the MSM go unnoticed because of the “Orange Man bad said Orange bad words!” mantra that has been installed by newscasters. It’s as if they have fallen under a spell. Spellcasters would be a better word.

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