Who is Black Lives Matter?

The question is, not what is black lives matter, but who is black lives matter? Let the co-founder explain…


Here is the reality:

Former KGB, Yuri Bezmenov: Russian Methods of Subversion


It is the police and military that guard the doors of America. The next step?

Those of you that have truly educate themselves, and are capable of free thinking, independent of outside influence, know the answer.

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  1. On the Wikipedia page for Black Lives Matter it used to have a section called “Funding” where it detailed it’s $100,000,000 worth of funding from Open Society Foundations (Soros), The Ford Foundation, and Borealis Philanthropy. Now it is nowhere to be seen.
    However, it can be found archived on Wayback machine:
    Additionally, on the Wikipedia page for “List of projects supported by George Soros” BLM is no longer there.
    Again, you can see it was there on Wayback Machine:

    Censorship is kicking into high gear now. On youtube, George Webb is gone. His latest vids were titled: DNC’S PLAN TO REPLACE OUR POLICE WITH NATO CONTRACTORS – DYNCORP, UN/NATO AND ANTIFA PARTNERING UP FOR SANCTUARIES FOR US CITIES?, DNC SCALING UP UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE – ANTIFA AGAIN, and DNC WORD GAMES, CALL IT WHAT IT IS. AN INSURRECTION. I’ve never agreed with anybody 100% on everything but I find it odd that after over 4 years and 4,500 videos of his that only now he finally gets banned. Who could be next? Corbett, Newsbud, Styxx?, etc.?

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