Robert Kennedy Speaks out on the Coronavirus Vaccination

Informative video where Robert Kennedy exposes big pharma.
Make of it what you will.


It was never about the health and well being of the public, it is and was always about control of the population and eventually depopulation (Bill Gates and eugenics), to preserve the planet and it’s resources for the global elite and their heirs. In Hitler’s Germany it was “papers, please.” in 21st century America it will be “health scan, please.”

*The CDC takes private money through its foundation. Bill Gates gave the CDC Foundation $13.5 million. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci has a $100 million conflict of interest. Bill Gates has pledged $100 million for Fauci to play with.

From the US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health

“The Visitor Center at the new headquarters of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to promote awareness of the Foundation’s history, the philanthropic goals of its founders, and its current work in the areas of health, poverty, and education. Located across the street from the Space Needle and other tourist attractions at the sprawling Seattle Center, its interactive exhibits are designed to appeal to tourists and locals, novices and experts, and young and old alike. Although the space without doubt primarily serves a propaganda function for the Foundation and the Gates family, there is much of interest to the historian of medicine. A large portion of the exhibition area, in fact, is devoted to shaping perceptions of the Foundation’s past and ongoing work in public health and global health.

The Visitor Center comprises a foyer and four large halls, in which a series of permanent, carefully co-ordinated multimedia exhibits convey the origins of the Foundation and its model of philanthropic work. In doing so, they also portray Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates as benevolent philanthropists who have always been committed to changing the world and improving human well-being. It is up to the visitor, of course, to decide if this is in fact true, but the Visitor Center attempts to make a powerful case.”

Sounds like a disclaimer that last sentence!
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