Wes White on British Israelism

Wes White explains why the churches of god are failing. Its the doctrine of British Israelism for one reason, a false doctrine which does not help people to live a better life. But its worse than that.
British Israelism too many times ends up being used as a tool to deceive people into thinking that Jesus is going to return in the very near future.

Four Cautions Regarding British Israelism

Wes: In our last few shows, we’ve been trying to answer the question: Why do we have so much trouble attracting new people to our churches — especially young people?

We’ve talked about how the Churches of God have added so many erroneous and unnecessary teachings to their outreach – and how these erroneous and unnecessary teachings are hindrances to bringing new people into the church.
We’ve looked at the anti-science/anti-medicine teachings of some of the COGs. We’ve talked about the subject of how socialism is being incorrectly taught by the COGs.
And you can watch these show on Youtube. They’re SOS number 97, 96, and 95.

Tonight, we want to talk about the doctrine of British Israelism.
Again, we’ve been talking about teachings that are totally superfluous to the Gospel – teachings that have nothing to do with salvation. We’ve been talking about how so many of our preachers are trying to use titillation as a tool to bring in new converts.

And the lesson we should have learned over the decades is this:
Titillation will bring people in to your church for the short run, but – in the long run – titillation is not an effective tactic to use… if you’re trying to generate healthy, long-term numeric church growth or long term spiritual growth.

Too many times, titillation attracts people who are not balanced… and it repels people who are normal.

Titillation doctrines usually have no attraction to a young family with small children – a young family that’s looking for answers on how to better live Christian lives centered on the Bible.

Simply put, titillation doctrines are of no use to those who are looking to live God’s way of life.

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