Herbert Armstrong’s Incestuous Relationship

Mackenzie Phillips openly discusses her shocking 2009 revelation that, in her late teens, she had had a sexual relationship with her father, musician John Phillips.



Some people believe that incest isn’t all that bad, and even defend those who do such thing’s. Others insist that when you take reproduction out of the equation through birth control, sterilization, or homosexuality, no one is harmed by incest. Of course, the law has something to say about that.

In 2010, 46-year-old Columbia University professor David Esptein was charged with one count of third-degree incest after being accused of having consensual sex with his 24-year-old daughter. The daughter faced no charges because, in the eyes of the law, children are considered a “protected class,” even when they’re above the age of consent. The theory is that the power dynamic between a parent and a child makes consent impossible to negotiate. Even when incest occurs between siblings, the elder of the two is usually held to a higher degree of accountability.

Did you know:

Inbreeding Destroyed The Spanish Habsburg Dynasty

Epstein’s lawyers have argued that the eagerness between consenting adults to have sex is no more reprehensible than homosexuality. Legislators around the world disagree with him, saying adultery is unacceptable because it destroys the family unit, while two unrelated gay people in a relationship create a new one. According to political writer William Celeton, homosexuality is an approach, but not immorality. Banning homosexuality means that gay people will not be able to form relationships, while people attracted to a close relative will be able to find alternative sexual partners. Of course, the most famous incestuous relationship in recent times took place between actor Mackenzie Phillips and her famous father and founder of The Mamas & the Papas, John Phillips.


More on Armstrong’s disgusting incestuous behavior can be found HERE.


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