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  1. There is actually more and I posted it to Breitbart in a comment which got me banned forever from posting on Breitbart.

    It goes something like this: Bill Gates is a high functioning autistic person, which means that he doesn’t actually relate to people in a normal way. He doesn’t understand the external landscape of other people and how they think and feel.

    This is quite the advantage: He seems to view other human beings as technology, subject to coding. For example, he sponsored a vaccine in India which was tested on girls there which incapacitated and killed them. His reaction would be like, “Well, that’s interesting. I guess that didn’t work. We need to change the formula for the vaccine. Then we can test it on more girls to see if it does any better or will kill them off too.”

    This the reason Bill Gates was banned from the country. Oh, well, there are a lot of other countries. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, make die and try again. He shouldn’t be allowed interaction with other people. You’d think that Windows would be proof enough. Operating System vulnerable to Malware? Just so it works, mostly, is popular and makes money — billions, hopefully. Let third parties solve the problem if they want to… or not.

    His father is a eugenicist who influenced Bill. You do know that Bill Gates was sponsoring death panels. His view is that the earth is overpopulated and the old, sick, deficient, diseased should be dispensed with. And why not? They don’t mean anything.

    What’s really cringey about all this is that he is promoted and protected by social media as a hero. After all, he is a part of the cabal of 3,000 billionaire globalist elites who think they know who is best for all the rest of us. They use their shills to spread the propaganda.

    To anyone who has ever been associated with the Armstrongist churches of god, this should seem altogether too familiar. We’ve all experienced this before.

    Hopefully, you’ll be able to read this before the whole thing is banned.

    1. Good comment Snarkcastic. Yes, Bill Gates is to vaccinations is what HWA was to toxic religion. Everyone has seen this before, at least those with open eyes who choose to question so called facts and instead choose disobedience over compliance. I find it amazing that so many former armstrongites still don’t know what a death cult is. They go from a religious cult to a political death cult. What would Forest Gumps mama say about such folks???

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