In spite of the obvious ultimate objective of the masters of Russia to communize and conquer the world, and in spite of the frightful power which such weapons as guided missiles and atomic and hydrogen bombs may put in their hands, the greatest threat to American liberty today comes from within. It is the threat of a growing and spreading totalitarian ideology.


Totalitarianism is defined as “pertaining to a centralized form of government in which those in control grant neither recognition nor tolerance to parties of different opinion.”

All that the totalitarians want is total control. This does not necessarily mean that they want total suppression. They suppress merely the ideas which they don’t agree with, or of which they are suspicious. They suppress the actions that they don’t like, or of which they cannot see the necessity. They leave the individual perfectly free to agree with them, and perfectly free to act in any way that serves their purposes — or to which they may happen at the moment to be indifferent. Of course, they sometimes also compel actions, such as positive denunciations of people who are against the government (or who the government says are against the government), or groveling adulation of the leader of the moment.



*Hat to to Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics.



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  1. Here is a example of totalitarianism…

    “Now, a former New York Times science reporter, Alex Berenson, has been suspended for simply quoting the results from a clinical trial by Pfizer and raising questions over any vaccine mandate. In the meantime, the White House accused both the Washington Post and New York Times of irresponsible reporting on Covid, but surprisingly Twitter has not suspended those accounts. It is the license of the censor. Twitter is unwilling to let people read or discuss viewpoints that it disagrees with as a corporation. Many on the left, however, have embraced the concept of corporate speech and censorship. It turns out that the problem with censorship for many was the failure to censor views that they opposed. With the “right” censors at work, the free speech concerns have been set aside.”

    1. “After subjecting us to 18 months of torment in order to compel us to get jabbed with an experimental ‘vaccine’, the truth has come out! Fauci and @NIH knew all along about the risks of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement. #ADESmokingGun”
      The Smoking Jab: Fauci and the NIH Knew Covid-19 “Vaccines” Could Lead to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

      Keeping the lemmings paying forever….
      “Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease”

  2. Based on the at best flawed theory that what ever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.

    It’s an engineered exercise in misery and slavery ahead of us — not that we’d know anything about that.

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