Herbert Armstrong – Still Dead

The U.S.S. Armstrong sunk years ago, but on the life boats the band(s) still plays on. To this very day, the groups that follow Herbert’s cesspool of doctrinal error and corruption try to mimic what was prophesied, what was said, or how it was said. The very art of mimicking Herbert in every possible way has nothing to do with the following and worship of Jesus Christ, but with the worship and devotion to Herbert W. Armstrong and their leading evangelist guru.


This day in history we have a minor footnote to mark for a extremely destructive man, Herbert W. Armstrong who died on January 16, 1986.

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If Herbert W. Armstrong had lived in ancient Israel, he would have been put to death by the religious leaders of the times, by the authority of the very God that he proclaimed. According to the “Almighty” of the bible, there was only one penalty for a false prophet, and that being death.

Herbert Armstrong, who started his ministry back around 100 years ago, created a army of mindless insects. His mismanaged and corrupt ministry turned many of his former blue ribbon tithe slaves into full fledged atheists. We can honestly say, “ARMSTRONG WAS A MAN UTTERLY WITHOUT HONOR, WITHOUT PRINCIPLES, WITHOUT A SHRED OF GENUINE DECENCY OR PATRIOTISM. HE WAS THE ULTIMATE EXTERMINATOR OF RELIGIOUS LIFE FOR THOUSANDS, AND THE GRAND COMPELLING CREATOR OF A VAST ARMY OF ATHEISTS.”

The Beginning of the End

It was quite perplexing to watch the events of the Worldwide Church of God unfold. When the founder Herbert Armstrong died in 1986, a new leadership under Joe Tkach Sr. and company tried to correct many of the gross errors in doctrine that the cult held for so long.

Live video feed from the Apostle’s grave!

After HWA’s death, despite the efforts of some, the good-ship Armstrong ground to a halt and began to sink. The flares were fired. Nobody thought she could sink. But the gates of hell prevailed and sink she did.

Some have asked if Joe Tkach so despise Herb, that he set out with a devious plan to scuttle the Armstrong empire. I personally doubt his intentions were to destroy a financial empire that would have been a cash cow for himself.

Years after the old man died, Junior waved his magic wand and created Grace Communion as a lifeboat to insure his existence and prominence after the WCG. Joe sold off what he could and scuttled what was left of Armstrongism, shoving off in his protestant lifeboat leaving behind the broken and befuddled.

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  1. Herbert Armstrong is not only dead but completely irrelevant. Yes, there is no more Ambassador College, no more Plain Truth, no more Good News, no more ‘world leaders’ that knew him personally. The spit offs are dying off and are irrelevant too. No one much hears about them any more. Their memberships seem to be declining — even dying off.

    But it’s worse than that!

    The critics are disappearing and dying off. You know that something is really gone when the adversaries have given up. We are definitely there. A lot of websites are just plain gone and the few blogs that are left seem to have transmogrified into something else.

    An example?

    Here’s one: Silenced.

    Although, in retrospect, False Profit, Ronald Weinland was mentioned in Forbes back in 2012!

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