Corruption and Incompetence in the Bob Thiel Cult












A Linda Jane, from Huntsville, Alabama, USA, she says, acts, since at least 2015, as the “stateside” point of contact for unwary translation clients, mainly those requesting Asian languages for Christian materials. She even has a website to show (but, of course, with no address and no phone number): Teams of Translators / . The website shows very interesting characters.

From an anonymous source: Banned additions in red. Also, note that this is a compilation of three separate emails.


Bob has gotten huffy about those who’ve figured out that his many new translations are done via AI. He has denied that he uses AI for his translations. Well, it turns out that this is just another half-truth.

Bob is paying a shady service that at the very least makes false claims about its translators, using photos of other people deceptively and putting false names to those photos. It appears that Bob’s translation service uses AI while claiming otherwise, and while making false claims about its “translators”. I looked up the “Linda Jane” who Bob mentions in his 11/16 letter to the CCOG brethren, and it turns out that she’s a scammer. Skip to Note 147 (posted below) here: Translator-Scammers-Notes


3 Replies to “Corruption and Incompetence in the Bob Thiel Cult”

  1. Seriously, Bob Thiel is incompetent:

    In fact, every single minister in all the acogs is incompetent. They all unfit for their duty. No one — no one at all — should pay any attention to what they say. They are all so incompetent that they have absolutely no worth at all. Moreover, they are completely clueless — they have no way to understand themselves in the light of reality.

    It’s not just failed prophecy. They have nothing at all worthwhile to say.

    Bob Thiel is only one of the most obvious examples. He can’t be relied on for much of anything.

  2. The next step for Robert Thiel is to use ChatGPT for all his articles and booklets. This way, he can mindlessly increase his production, working smarter but otherwise, not at all. It could also lead to feeding the ChatGPT going directly into Google Translate.

    Finally, bots will read the output and properly populate Wikipedia with his quotes. This will then feed ChatGPT from Wikipedia to generate even more AI information seamlessly.

    Of course, from then on, only AI will read his material, completely bypassing any human interaction.

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