Incest and the Apostle Revisited

Seeing how the search term “incest” keeps coming up lately we re-present this article.

“Having sex with a first-degree blood relative is like having sex with oneself. It is a Narcissistic act and like all acts Narcissistic, it involves the objectification of the partner. The incestuous Narcissist over-values and then devalues his sexual partner. He is devoid of empathy (cannot see the other’s point of view or put himself in her shoes).
Sam Vaknin


As we approach Herbies birthday tomorrow, July 31st, I believe it is appropriate to revisit this incest issue.

Since the 1990’s the Painful Truth has had newspaper clippings online that mention Herbert Armstrong and incest in the same sentence. During the course of his divorce HWA’s lawyers tried to eliminate evidence of a “sexual nature” but Ramona’s attorneys said it was crucial since HWA was accusing her of a breach of love and fidelity.

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So if there is no evidence of incest as Bob Thiel (and some others) claim, why during the divorce proceedings was it mentioned that the Armstrong’s reached an “understanding” about HWA’s “prior incestuous conduct with his daughter for many years?”


Incestuous Herbie!


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