Tomorrow Never Came

Blast from the past….
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For fifty years Herbert W Armstrong proclaimed on his World Tomorrow radio and television broadcast that the end of the world as we know it was at hand. Only the elect (i.e., church members) would escape the Great Tribulation, living in caves in Petra while everybody else experienced a nuclear holocaust. Tomorrow never came.

Thirty-four of my thirty-nine years were spent under the delusion that only Herbert W. Armstrong had God’s truth and the Worldwide Church of God (Worldwide Church of God) was the only access to God. I simply accepted things without question because my grandparents and family believed it, therefore it must be so. Any alternative was not even thought of; it was just the way things were. This is my story.

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A Generic Journey through Ambassador College

It was the end of the 1970’s when I arrived at what many of us thought was “God’s College”. Remember those days? We were constantly hearing about how the church was being put “Back on the Track”. All of those supposedly evil liberal ministers were now gone and “no longer with us”, as it was taboo to openly say their names in public. The chaos was supposedly over.

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