Religion is a Dirty Business

Mother Teresa is probably the figure most commonly associated with words like “good” and “selfless.” She reached out to the homeless, took tea with lepers, raised astronomical amounts of money for her Missionaries of Charity, and generally lived her life as the perfect Christian. What’s not to like?

What is not generally known is that Mother Teresa, a patron saint of the Catholic Church, had dirty hands, real dirty hands…

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Rapist, Stalkers, Child Molesters are a problem in the ACOG’s

Gary Leonard posted today an item about Child Sexual Abuse in the ACOG’s. I believe this is a good time to review one situation we have a transcript of along with a court recording. This formerly appeared on Douglas Beckers ‘All2True’ website (websites we have assimilated) which we have a copy of here on the Painful Truth. Continue reading “Rapist, Stalkers, Child Molesters are a problem in the ACOG’s”