Rapist, Stalkers, Child Molesters are a problem in the ACOG’s

Gary Leonard posted today an item about Child Sexual Abuse in the ACOG’s. I believe this is a good time to review one situation we have a transcript of along with a court recording. This formerly appeared on Douglas Beckers ‘All2True’ website (websites we have assimilated) which we have a copy of here on the Painful Truth.

Rapist, Stalkers, Child Molesters. What do they have in common? They are all found within the Armstrong church franchises. Little to nothing is ever done to these people.

As in all religious groups, the Mormons, the JW’s, Catholics, etc, these problems are covered up to avoid exposure to the public at large. You see, its all about ‘Image‘.

Blast From the Past: ‘Judge Rules Against UCG Stalker’

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