Humans must be killed to save the earth

We remind our Painful Truth readers that in the United States May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The article below is included to demonstrate what threats there are to our mental health these days, as well as, well, DEATH as proposed by the globalist elite. Pretty much all of us must die to save the earth. That’s what the climate scientologist… sorry, Scientist tells us we must do. Having a pandemic is probably the best course. No doubt other experts will be engineering a new mostly fatal virus for this purpose [such as the National Institute of Health has disclosed for the Gain of Function illegal pogrom… er… program.]

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Gloom and Doom Porn

As everyone recalls, the wcg and its incestuous daughters always predict the end of the world, end of the USA, the end of life as you know it. Their predictions ALWAYS fail. Take for instance Robert Thiel. He says God punishes by using the weather as his instrument of destruction. This is a constant with him, and yet we see the state of California, which had a severe drought, we now see that the reservoirs are full.

It is this kind of crap that makes the people think “buyer beware”. Same thing as to politics. We hear the doom and gloom and when nothing happens people still believe the secular prophets of doom. Why is that???